U.S. ELECTION WRAP: Voters Turn out for Wisconsin Contest

Polls close at 9pm ET in Wisconsin as surveys show the two frontrunners in the presidential races are underdogs in the primary: Donald Trump trails Ted Cruz in the GOP race, Hillary Clinton lags behind Bernie Sanders in the Democratic battle.

voted-3_small U.S. ELECTION WRAP: Voters Turn out for Wisconsin Contest


  • According to memo obtained by the Washington Post, Trump would pay for U.S.-Mexico border wall by blocking some money transfers from immigrants living in U.S. to Mexico until Mexico pays $5 billion to $10 billion
    • Trump cites rule in USA Patriot Act
    • Businessman says “majority” of $25 billion sent to Mexico by Mexicans living abroad in 2015 was from “illegal aliens”; Post clarifies that the figure is global and its unclear how much is from undocumented immigrants in U.S.
  • Trump today praised the “immaculate” Wisconsin hotel where he stayed
    • On Fox News, Trump also said his border policy should help women feel protected
  • At campaign stop in Waukesha, Wis., Trump slammed Treasury Dept’s inversion regulations
    • Said inversions are “disgraceful” and “the politicians don’t know how to stop it”
  • Cruz today called for John Kasich to exit GOP race, telling WTMJ radio in Milwaukee that the Ohio governor “has been mathematically eliminated,” AP reports
  • Sanders told New York Daily News editorial board that JPMorgan Chase and other banks are destroying nation’s fabric
    • He said Apple isn’t in that category, but GE closing plants and shipping jobs overseas is example of corporate “greed” and “selfishness”
  • Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver said on MSNBC that if his candidate wins most of the states remaining on primary calendar, he could have enough pledged delegates to force contested convention
  • Sanders praised Treasury Dept for its new rules to curb inversions, called for Congress to act on issue
    • Clinton said she’d go further than the Treasury on curbing inversions, advocating “exit tax” on any company trying to leave U.S. to lower its tax bill
  • After coming under fire from abortion-rights backers for describing fetus as an unborn person, Clinton said on “The View” that fetuses have no Constitutional rights under law.


  • Miss. poll finds that Clinton and Trump are neck-and-neck in state
    • Mason-Dixon survey finds Trump with 46% support, Clinton 43%