Un-American Socialist Bernie Sanders Says Voter ID is Un-American

I don’t know about you, but when I try to determine what is un-American, I turn to a Socialist who admired Communist dictatorships like Cuba, the USSR and Nicaragua. My barometer for un-American spent time at a Stalinist collective farm and accuses everyone he disagrees with of being Hitler.

 Wisconsin’s new voter identification law will debut in Tuesday’s hotly contested presidential primary, and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders isn’t happy about it.

That’s probably because some of his voter base, young people and college students, may be among those it affects most.

berniewins_small Un-American Socialist Bernie Sanders Says Voter ID is Un-American

It’s racism! No wait, it’s Slackerism. Stops hating college hipsters too lazy to get voter ID’s while earning their degrees in Media Anthropology or Organic Communications.

Sanders on Sunday relentlessly attacked Walker for what he calls “voter suppression.”  “I think what Gov. Walker and what other Republican governors and legislators are doing is not only shameful, it’s un-American in the deepest sense of the word,” Sanders said at a rally in Wausau, Wis. 

Speaking of shameful, the Marxist and Communist regimes that Bernie Sanders backed eliminated actual elections completely. Somehow he didn’t think that was shameful.

Majorities of Republicans, Democrats, and people of all races, support voter ID’s. Plenty of countries have them. Including Sweden. Berniebrats love to claim that their candidate wants to make America like Sweden. That sounds un-American to me, but apparently Bernie doesn’t want to have voter IDs like Sweden.

And it’s easy to see why.

The only possible reason to oppose voter ID’s is because you support voter fraud.