Uncontrollable Laughing or Crying? You Might Need an SSRI

A pharmaceutical company has released a video warning that uncontrollable laughing or crying may be associated with a neurological problem called PBA, or Pseudobulbar affect.

“Have you experienced sudden outbursts of uncontrollable crying or laughing?” the PBA Facts website inquires. “If so, you may have PBA. Learn more about this neurologic condition that affects nearly 2 million Americans.”

healthy_small Uncontrollable Laughing or Crying? You Might Need an SSRI

The PBA website sponsor, Avanir Pharmaceuticals, claims it has created the PBAFacts website for “educational purposes only.”

Avanir manufactures Nuedexta, “the first and only FDA-approved treatment for pseudobulbar affect (PBA).”

Nuedexta is associated with serious side effects, including a change in heart rhythm, allergic reactions, dizziness, fever, rash, hives, diarrhea, dizziness, cough, vomiting, weakness, swelling of feet and ankles, urinary tract infection, flu, elevated liver enzymes, and flatulence.


Brain Implants to “Reboot” Depressed People –

Hacker warned medical devices could be accessed remotely for “mass murder”

Scientists are set to treat depression and headaches by implanting electrodes into people’s brains which alter the function of brain tissue by using electroconvulsive therapy to “reboot” the mind.

“The more neurologists and surgeons learn about the aptly named deep brain stimulation, the more they are convinced that the currents from the technology’s implanted electrodes can literally reboot brain circuits involved with the mood disorder,” reports Scientific American.

Is this a potential scientific success story or the first step towards psychopharmacological dictatorship?

Hacker Barnaby Jack warned that medical implants like pacemakers could be remotely accessed by hackers and governments to “commit mass murder.”

Jack was found dead just a week before he was set to present his research at a conference.