Undecided Voters say Romney Won Big

The political world is buzzing this morning after the first Presidential Debate at the University of Denver last night. Supporters of Gov. Romney were thrilled with his performance. Those backing President Obama weren’t so pleased. As MSNBC’s Chris Matthews fumed, “Where was Obama tonight…What was he doing?”

2012-08-07T090405Z_1_CBRE8760P8200_RTROPTP_3_ROMNEY_small Undecided Voters say Romney Won Big

The debate probably didn’t change the opinion of the hard core supporters in either camp. But, the opinion of those voters still trying to figure out which candidate to support – the “undecideds” – was the crucial part of the audience both candidates were trying to reach.

While some suggest a very small number of voters are up for grabs, pollster Scott Rasmussen says that 15 percent are still undecided or willing to change their mind.

Melanie Sturm, a friend of A Line of Sight and regular columnist for the Aspen Times, filed the following report after the debate giving valuable insight: