Unions Step Up to Report Illegal Aliens

Daniel Greenfield,

While the AFL-CIO sold out its members to become deeply embedded in the leftsphere. Which meant adopting every loony leftist idea, including support for illegal aliens, lots of local unions are doing their part.

If Bill Bing, a carpenters union official, discovers workers at local construction projects suspected of being in the country illegally, the union tips off authorities…

illegal-immigration-sign_small Unions Step Up to Report Illegal Aliens Immigration

Bing said he is  glad to see the enforcement of immigration laws and makes no apologies for when he or other union members tip off federal and state authorities.

The jobs should go to American citizens and that it is not a union-versus-nonunion issue, he said.

Other trade unions, he said, tip off authorities, “but they are not as proactive as we are. The carpenters union devotes a lot of money and resources to this.”

While the left throws its tantrums, many union members, many Democrats, are far from happy with this open embrace of illegal immigration and are willing to help fight it.