Unite behind Donald J. Trump for President of the United States #AmericanUnifier

The time has come for patriotic Americans from all walks of life and political ideologies to unite behind Donald J. Trump for President of the United States. The alternatives are all but guaranteed to be the final nails in the coffin of our crippled Republic.

Those who require rehabilitation after a brutal past year in the Information Battlespace – supporters of all defeated GOP candidates, Democrats who are crossing the aisle by the tens of thousands, libertarians, and undecideds – have a hefty load of psychological conditioning to restructure in order to understand Trump, his motivations, and his platform.`

Trump’s credo can be summed up in two words: America First. His recent foreign policy speech in Washington D.C. made this very clear. More than forty years in the international spotlight has had the unique effect of putting his personal evolution on display and on record. It is clear that he has revised his viewpoints on some issues, even reversing a small handful of his key positions. One thing that has never faltered is his love of the nation and all it has provided to him and his family.

america-first-unity-rally-2016-presser_small Unite behind Donald J. Trump for President of the United States #AmericanUnifier

“I do feel very strongly about the country. I love the country.” – Donald Trump, 1988

This meticulously composed video montage dating back to 1980 offers a clear view of Trump’s long-standing assessment that the U.S. has been in a state of slow-motion collapse for decades, as a result of globalism and subversive, incompetent national leadership. It also illuminates the prescience of his warnings about the U.S. economy and how desperately we have needed a genuinely nationalistic, hard-nosed, principled leader in the White House.

The Long Road to the White House

0:00 – A 34-year-old Trump is asked by Rona Barrett if he would ever like to be president. He declines, citing professional politics as being a “very mean life,” but states that a leader with “strong views” that are a “little bit unpopular” would be critical to getting the job done in the face of Establishment opposition.

0:49 – Oprah interviews Trump in 1987, where she asks if he would ever want run for president.

“Probably not, but I do get tired of seeing the country get ripped off… But if it got so bad, I would never want to rule it out totally… We’re really making other people live like kings, and we’re not.”

“If I did decide to do it, I would that say I would have a hell of a chance of winning, because I think people are tired of seeing the United States ripped off. I can’t promise you everything, but I can tell you one thing: This country would make one hell of a lot of money from those people that, for 25 years have taken advantage. It wouldn’t be the way it’s been, believe me.”

1:56 – Trump is interviewed by Larry King at the 1988 GOP convention, who queries him as to whether he’s a “Rockefeller/Chase Manhattan Republican” or a “Bush Republican,” both of which Trump politely rejects and explains:

“The people that I do best with are the people that drive the taxis – you know, wealthy people don’t like me because I’m competing against them all the time, and I like to win. The fact is, I go down the streets of New York, and the people that really like me are the taxi drivers and the workers… I’m a Republican because I just believe in certain principles of the Republican party.”

At the same convention, Trump is asked if he is flirting with an entrance into politics, due to his recent publishing of a self-funded ($94,000) opinion-editorial/advertisement in three major national newspapers titled, “There’s Nothing Wrong With America’s Foreign Defense Policy That a Little Backbone Can’t Cure.”

TrumpForeignPolicy-1-546x800 Unite behind Donald J. Trump for President of the United States #AmericanUnifier

America First: Donald Trump’s 2016 Foreign Policy Speech

2:52 – In 1989, an interviewer tells Trump: “You’ve become a role model in this country. People are looking to leaders. People are looking for values, and you’re one of the people they’re talking about, ‘Donald Trump for president.’ What they’re really taking about is, ‘Donald Trump, show us the way.’”

Trump’s response: “I know from a common sense financial standpoint that something has to burst. When a country is losing billions and billions of dollars a year, and other countries are making hundreds of billions of dollars, something is going to burst – and it’s going to start here. I know it. To me, it’s not a question of ‘if,’ it’s a questions of ‘when?’ This country is in very, very big trouble. I’m not talking ‘recession’ kind of trouble – I’m talking ‘depression’ king of trouble.”

Interviewer: “Would you like to take over and run the country as you have run your organization?”

Trump: “I would much prefer that somebody else do it. I just don’t know if the somebody else is there. I don’t know if we have the kind of advocate we need. This country needs major surgery. I think I would do a fantastic job, but I would really prefer not doing it… I hope that somebody comes along who can be an advocate, and I think that somebody will be so popular.”

4:59 – Trump makes his first appearance on C-SPAN, addressing a House hearing on the dismal economic status of the U.S. He expresses his horror and disgust at the federal government’s complicity in the on-going economic downturn, and how it was affecting average Americans in taxation-related issues.

6:04 – Trump discusses a potential presidential run in 1999, citing the importance of his experience dealing with foreign leaders and its superiority to that of many of the candidates in the field at the time.

6:27 – In the midst of the Iraq war, during a 2004 interview with CNN, Trump pays poignant tribute to American veterans who were killed or badly maimed in that senseless conflict, and reveals yet another of his quiet philanthropic deeds that go unreported by the mainstream media.

“Nobody talks about the soldiers who are coming back with no arms and no legs. On Mondays, I make Mar-a-Lago, my club – I let returning Iraqi injured soldiers come to the premises. The most beautiful people I’ve ever seen, but they’re missing arms and legs. They’re with their wives, sometimes they’re with their girlfriends, and the tears are coming down the faces of these people.”

7:00 – Trump on CNN in 2007: “I just hate what’s happened to this country. We’ve [become] a country that’s no longer respected. We’re in a war that we should have never [started.] Saddam Hussein didn’t knock down the World Trade Center – he had nothing to do with it. And there were no weapons of mass destruction.”

7:27 – Steve Forbes interviews Trump in 2011 on Obama’s failures of foreign policy and international trade.

9:06 – Trump speaks on his endorsement and support of Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential race. “I’ll do whatever I have to do. We need somebody great as president.”

9:21 – In 2012, Trump addresses the state of the economy on CNBC, where interviewer Jim Cramer credits Trump as being one of the very few voices warning that the Federal Reserve was exacerbating issues through poor policy and mismanaging interest rates. Trump asserts that ex-Fed chairman, Ben Bernanke, consistently operated “behind the curve.”

“The biggest problem is something I never hear about: Every time they lower interest rates, the ‘cartel’ raises oil prices. It’s a totally illegal monopoly. If businesses ever formed, like OPEC, everyone would be put in jail. Every time a country hits oil, they’re invited in to the cartel. It’s a disgrace. So what happens is, every time interest rates go down, oil prices go up – it’s the same number, practically the same money. And nobody in this country calls and says, ‘Get that oil price down. You get it DOWN.’”

11:20 – Trump gives a monumental speech at the 2014 CPAC conference.

“Our country is in serious, serious trouble. We have debt that is beyond belief. We have deficits that no one can comprehend.”

“China, right in our face, just devalued their currency. For those who don’t understand ‘devaluation,’ what they’re basically doing is saying, ‘We’re really ripping you big league, and nobody’s ever done it better than us, but now we’re going to really do it again.’ The reason they did it is because our leadership is so weak and so pathetic, that they can get away with it, and believe me – they’re taking our jobs… They have no respect for our leader, and frankly, they have no respect, any longer, for our great country.”

“You hear these phony job numbers – 6.7%. The 6.7% is probably 21% or 22% in real numbers. When you give up looking for a job, it’s like they consider you ‘employed.’”

“I want to be build THIS country. I want to build THESE schools. I don’t want to build a school in Afghanistan, watch it get built up and then blown up four times – and they keep rebuilding and rebuilding. And you go to Brooklyn, New York, and you go to Iowa – and you can’t have [new] schools, because we don’t have any money because we’re spending it in other places, where, frankly, they don’t want us – and I don’t want them.”

14:20 – Donald J. Trump delivers his now-legendary formal declaration of candidacy for President of the United States at Trump Tower in New York City, New York.