UNREAL: Democrats Demand That Benghazi NOT Be Investigated

Democrats on the House Oversight Committee are demanding an end to the Benghazi investigation.

It should be remembered that these same Democrats walked out of a hearing during testimony from one of the victim’s mother.

It should also be noted that a huge majority of Americans want a special investigation into Benghazi, particularly after we have learned that the CIA never conducted their own investigation.

Perhaps this is why retired General Vallely said that Congress is filled with “cowards” who are scared to uncover the truth of Benghazi.

the-butcher-of-benghazi-hillary_small UNREAL: Democrats Demand That Benghazi NOT Be Investigated

Via CBS News:

More than a year and a half after the attack on a U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya, House Democrats say they’ve had enough of Republicans’ “partisan investigation” into the incident.

In a letter sent Wednesday, all 17 Democrats on the House Oversight Committee asked the panel’s chairman Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., to end his probe of the attack and to focus instead on “responsible oversight” that helps protect overseas diplomats.

“To date, the Committee’s investigation has been characterized by wild and unsubstantiated political accusations that turn out to be completely inaccurate after further investigation,” wrote the Democrats, led by the committee’s ranking member Elijah Cummings, D-Md. “We believe it is time to end these seemingly endless and unsubstantiated political attacks and direct the Committee’s efforts toward concrete and lasting reforms.”

The letter points out a few of Issa’s statements that have turned out to be untrue, or at least unsubstantiated at the moment, calling them a “reckless pattern of launching wholly unfounded accusations on national television” that has undermined “the credibility of our Committee and the seriousness of our work.”

Democrats also accuse Issa of hyping up the investigation as a way to attack Hillary Clinton in advance of her possible 2016 presidential bid.  Of course, Republicans disagree with that assessment.

“That’s not true, that’s not our aim,” insisted Oversight Committee spokesman Frederick Hill, according to Politico. “We’re trying to get to the bottom of what occurred…If the basic question is does the chairman still have concerns that [Clinton] had personal responsibility to ensure the safety of the people at this facility? Absolutely, he continues to.”

This is all the more reason why there needs to be a special investigation by a select committee.  Rep. Issa has lost any confidence he may have once had from his Democrat colleagues in the House Oversight Committee.  Their sole intentions now are to stymie, stifle and obstruct Issa in his investigations on Benghazi and the IRS.

Most Democrats don’t want the truth of Benghazi to come out.  It will make President Obama and Hillary look bad, and will most likely hurt any chances Dems have of reclaiming Congress or the White House over the next few election cycles.  Of course, the numerous other scandals certainly don’t help their chances either.