US Attack on Syria – “Unthinkable

by Henry Shivley

This proposal to attack Syria is unthinkable, as none of those planning it thought it was possible that it could fail so miserably…but it has.  The propaganda campaign to sell another war failed completely as each false assertion was immediately picked apart on the internet and proven absolutely false upon its release. alassad_small2 US Attack on Syria – “Unthinkable


 In fact, the so called mainstream media had to switch their support to condemnation so fast they have been tripping over their own words.  Some even changed their position it seemed, in mid sentence.

Whatever became of that fraudulent opinion poll put out by ABC News and Washington Post?  What was that?  36% of American people support a strike on Syria?  I guess they missed that one by a little bit more than the 3% margin for error.  Just another blatant, bold face lie.  

Overnight, Barack Obama AKA Barry the Rat has gone from ‘Mr. Everything’ to ‘Mr. Nothing’.  I think he failed to promptly follow orders and now he will be used in an act of desperation as the ultimate scapegoat.  Scapegoat for what, say you?

Well, the propagandists are in a desperate struggle to create a false perception wherein it would seem that a bumbling fool went off and thought he could just start attacking sovereign countries on a whim.  Then, “Oh thank God, those right thinking loyal Americans serving in our House and Senate shut him down”.

Yeah, that is the perception they need to get out there, and fast, as the terror pulses through the veins of the elite.  I can hear them talking to one another.

Elitist #1:  “My God, you don’t think they all realize it, do you?”

Elitist #2:  “If they do, we are dead.”

You see this Zionist controlled Congress would have no problem taking us into another war.  No, what happened here is the people finally put their foot down and said, “No more, or we will remove you, and we won’t be waiting for the next fraudulent election to do so.”

This is why these Zionist controlled puppets in Congress are pretending to jump forward to represent we the people.  The fact is they are the only thing standing between us and our enemies who control them.

No, it had to be a case of Congress taking control of the President because the alternative would have to be that the people are taking back their government and declaring themselves the only lawful authority in this country.

At this point, these psychopaths might try anything, even a nuclear false flag within our own borders.  But it won’t work.  They have been made and no matter what they do, justice has already begun its pursuit.  And like the Terminator, it can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until it has been served.

Make no mistake.  Obama is guilty just by the prima fascia evidence, but so is every other seditious politician who has sold him or herself out to the degree that they could reach the level of the absolutely treasonous House and Senate.  And that is not even mentioning the multitude of unconstitutional agencies committing hundreds of millions of infringements upon the people’s Bill of Rights every day.

The awakening of our people has been a long time coming, but I do believe it is finally here.  That is unless you are dimwitted enough to believe one more single syllable coming out of the mainstream propaganda machine, that 4th arm of the insurgency.  Don’t forget they will have to admit they lost control of the people too, and oh the crime they have committed.

God bless the Republic and get a rope.