US employment changes since 2004, at a glance

 U.S. employers have added slightly more than 2 million jobs in each of the past two years — an average of roughly 182,000 jobs a month.

Even so, that steady hiring has yet to fully repair the damage caused by the Great Recession. After four years of recovery, the gains remain 1.2 million jobs shy of the 8.7 million that vanished. But if the 2013 pace of hiring continues, the United States should recover all the jobs it lost since the recession by the middle of this year.

Despite the addition of just 74,000 jobs in December, Moody’s Analytics still expects monthly job gains to exceed 200,000 in 2014. The housing recovery, as well as stronger global conditions, will ensure better job market conditions, Moody’s said.

unemployment_small11 US employment changes since 2004, at a glance

Here are the job gains or losses in each of the past 10 years, along with the average monthly changes:

Job growth Annual Monthly average
2013 2,186,000
2012 2,193,000
2011 2,103,000
2010 1,022,000
2009 -5,052,000
2008 -3,617,000
2007 1,115,000
2006 2,071,000
2005 2,484,000
2004 2,019,000