USDA Letter Leaked: Food Stamps Could Be Cut Off as Soon as November

The Rundown Live – by Kristan T. Harris

Could the SNAP EBT (Food Stamp) disaster that occurred across 17 states last weekend have been a planned drill rather than system failure? This letter sent out by the USDA makes your brain turn.

food-stamps_small USDA Letter Leaked: Food Stamps Could Be Cut Off as Soon as November

A USDA letter has surfaced that has been sent to states across the nation. States are being told to “stop the supplemental nutrition assistance program for the month of November, pending further notice.”  Which could mean that  if Congress doesn’t reach a deal to get federal government back up and running somebody at the Whitehouse decided you will not get your benefits. Worse yet, they have not sent anyone a letter letting people across the nation know their benefits are going to be postponed.  

Would the government really wait until the very last-minute to make you aware of your loss of benefits?

Lets not forget other sensible cuts that could happen to programs like the DHS, The NSA, The TSA, Fusion Centers, unconstitutional spying programs, cameras on the street corners and armored vehicles for our local colleges are not happening. I bet all those bills are still being paid. Why can’t we cut there?

However according to the government people who store food for a disaster and or have a garden are potential domestic terrorist.


Food USDA Letter Leaked: Food Stamps Could Be Cut Off as Soon as November

DOD Spends 5 Billion on Spy and Military Gear: Open New NSA Spy Center During “Government Shutdown”

 This is a quick reminder to not forget privacy IS freedom. How quickly did we forget about the Edward Snowden incident, Michael Hastings mysterious death and the NSA spying scandal. Think back,  just 3 weeks ago the government said they had enough money to go into Syria. Yeah… right and this week it’s shutting down.

nsaspycenterutah_small USDA Letter Leaked: Food Stamps Could Be Cut Off as Soon as November

Or is it? The  Denver Post is reporting that the 1.5 Million square foot NSA SPY CENTER in UTAH maybe already open. Why is the government not cutting where it makes sense? So why do we need to shut down parks when we could have easily cut in the DHS department. Lets not forget you are 7 times more likely to die from a shark attack than a terrorist attack and you don’t see the government hiring more life guards.

I keep thinking  maybe the government should not of purchased 30,000 weapon ready drones , 2,700 mobile mine resistant armored vehicles (MRAP),  and now an astounding 2 billion rounds of hollow point ammo (Illegal to use in war) for HOMELAND SECURITY. Does anyone on earth know what the Department of Homeland Security intends to do with all this gun power?

Is it time for a national conversation like Forbes Magazine suggests? What do you think?

The government was busy the day before the shutdown. According to the  DOD (Department of Defense) website, on Monday September 30th, the DOD gave out 94  contracts worth over $5 billion on the day before the government shut down. In these contracts are purchases for spy satellites, grenades,  body armor and drones and construction of a Weapons Surveillance and Test Laboratory.

What is wrong with cutting government programs such as the TSA, DHS, NSA, Drones, Armored vehicles for colleges  and ammo purchases?

Would we not be better off cutting in these areas  where we are the fattest?

Why are colleges acquiring armored vehicles? Just saying…