VICTORY: Indiana to Legalize Arming Teachers, Protecting Kids

Ben Marquis, 

 Indiana is bucking the trend of the liberal states surrounding it and acting like the conservative red state it is.

We just told you yesterday about Indiana pulling out of “Common Core”, the controversial curriculum being taught in schools.

They are also considering legislation that would see them joining the growing list of states that are nullifying Obamacare.

staff-is-armed_small VICTORY: Indiana to Legalize Arming Teachers, Protecting Kids

Now Indiana’s Governor Mike Pence is expected to sign a pro-gun bill that passed both Indiana’s House and Senate with overwhelming majorities.

According to Breitbart, the bill would:

allow “teachers, parents, and school visitors to have guns concealed and locked in their cars in school parking lots”

Speaking in support of that measure, State Sen. Brent Steele (R-Bedford) criticized the current climate in which “teachers have to leave their Second Amendment rights at the door when they go to work.”

Of course, the bill has met with resistance from some school officials around the state.

Lewis Ferebee, superintendent of Indianapolis Public Schools, says, “Young people, schools, guns and all of that is a mix for something inappropriate.” And State Rep. Linda Lawson (D-Hammond) opposed the measure by suggesting that studies indicate gun violence rises when firearms are accessible.

While it is understandable that some school officials and politicians would be nervous allowing guns near schools and kids, their reasoning is off.  State Rep Linda Lawson would be wise to read John Lott’s book More Guns, Less Crime, which disproves her theory that gun violence increases when more firearms are accessible.

Furthermore, the safety of the children is paramount to everyone.  Contrary to popular belief, gun rights supporters want to protect the school children just as much as, if not more than the progressive liberal anti-gun rights crowd.  We believe that the best way to protect school children is to allow teachers, parents or armed guards to shoot back at the next crazed gunman trying to slaughter our kids.

Criminals by their nature do not follow the law.  Criminals will not obey signs.  It would be in the best interest and safety of ourselves and our children if we did away with gun free zones in schools and allowed for an immediate armed response.

VICTORY: Indiana First State to Pull Out of “Common Core”

Shaun Connell, 

Several months ago, Tea Party favorite Allen West said, “Common Core is the Obamacare of education.” He’s right. It uses a top-down approach to education that cedes power to the centralized governments rather than individual teachers.

Because of this centralization of power, the “standards” were politically correct, educationally destructive, and gravely damaging the education of America’s children.

As a response, Indiana has just become the first state to withdraw from Common Core. They were one of 45 states to adapt it, and their rejection shows that Common Core’s existence could be in jeopardy.

The Herald Bulletin reports:

Indiana on Monday became the first state to withdraw from the Common Core math and reading standards that outline what students should be learning, capitalizing on a conservative backlash but leaving some critics wondering whether the state is leaving the program in name only.

Indiana was among 45 states that adopted Common Core in the last few years, but some conservatives have since criticized the initiative as a top-down takeover of local schools

In signing legislation Monday to pull Indiana from the program, Republican Gov. Mike Pence said he believes the state’s students are best served by education decisions made at the state and local level. The Republican-controlled Legislature had previously approved the measure requiring the State Board of Education to draft new standards outlining what students should be learning in each grade.

Gov. Mike Pence has long been a proponent of small government, so it’s no wonder that Indiana is now fighting Common Core. Let’s hope it’s an example of things to come.

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