VICTORY: New York Police Will NOT Enforce Anti-Gun Law

Ben Marquis, 

 In the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, progressive liberal Democrats in New York jumped at the chance to advance their anti-gun agenda.  The result was the NY SAFE Act, which is anything but safe.

The law expands the definition of “assault weapons” and bans them for cosmetic features, while creating a registry of “banned” weapons that are already owned.  It also placed an arbitrary limit of 7 rounds in a firearms magazine.

There has been a tremendous amount of backlash to the law, with gun owners burning their registration cards in protest, an Army vet police officer passionately speaking out against the law, and even gun manufacturers like Remington Arms moving out of the state for more gun-friendly locales.

concealed_carry_pistol-Copy VICTORY: New York Police Will NOT Enforce Anti-Gun Law

Now comes word that the New York State Police are instructing their officers to not enforce the magazine limit provision of the law.  They join the NY Sheriff’s Association that is also rebelling against enforcement of the idiotic magazine limit.


Following a federal judge’s ruling in December that the seven-round magazine limit imposed under the New York SAFE Act was “tenuous, [strained], and unsupported” and therefore unconstitutional, state police have updated their [field] guide on the controversial law to urge officers not to enforce the arbitrary magazine limit.
The announcement on the revisions to the New York State Police NY SAFE Act Guide was made on Wednesday and came via the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association.
“The New York State Police have followed the same sensible path taken by the New York Sheriffs’ Association and many local law-enforcement agencies in not enforcing a capricious, ill-conceived and unconstitutional portion of the NY SAFE Act,” stated NYSRPA President Thomas King in a press release.
This is great news for New York gun owners.  The limit placed on the number of rounds that could be in a magazine has no reasonable basis in reality.  There are no 7 round magazines, and to penalize someone for merely filling their standard capacity, 10-round magazine is foolish.  Furthermore, in their haste to pass this bill, the legislators forgot to add an exemption for police officers (since corrected), that would have penalized law enforcement officials for having more than 7 rounds in their firearms magazine.
Hopefully, a federal judge will end up striking down the entire law as unconstitutional.  In the meantime, kudos to the law enforcement agencies of New York for standing up against this foolish and arbitrary law, and refusing to enforce its ridiculous provisions.
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BOOM: “Constitutional Carry” Bill Has Been Introduced in Iowa

 Iowa is seeking to become one of only a handful of states that have restored “constitutional carry” to its citizens, the right to carry a firearm without a license or permit.  They would join Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Vermont and Wyoming in recognizing this inalienable right.

South Carolina’s Governor Nikki Haley is proposing similar legislation in her state.

This comes as support for gun control is collapsing around the country, as the rate of gun ownership increases, especially among women, and more and more Americans share the view of the Milwaukee sheriff that “armed Americans are what keeps us free.”

The Quad City Times in Iowa is reporting that a member of the Iowa House is looking to push forward with a bill that is stuck in Committee that would do away with the requirement that law-abiding citizens obtain a permit in order to carry a handgun.

Rep. Tom Shaw, R-Laurens, plans to use a procedural move to bring House File 2284 out of the Judiciary Committee to the House floor. The bill was never acted on by the committee, and without representatives voting to suspend their rules, it is not eligible for debate.

HF 2284 strikes a portion of the Iowa Code that requires a person to have a valid permit in order to carry certain weapons, such as handguns.

“We don’t think you should have to beg the government to get a permit to exercise your Second Amendment rights,” Shaw said Tuesday.

Representative Shaw is correct, citizens should not have to beg the government for a permit to exercise their inherent and inalienable right to bear arms for the defense of themselves and others.  That is a natural and God-given right.

The Second Amendment did not give us the right to keep and bear arms, but rather serves as a warning to government that they are not to infringe upon that right.  Any law that forbids the keeping or bearing of arms, including the dreaded “evil, black, scary assault weapons“, are unconstitutional and an infringement.

Congratulations to the gun rights advocates of Iowa for pushing forward with this measure, and hopefully it will get passed into law.  More states need to do the same and restore the Constitutionally protected right to bear arms to their citizens.