VICTORY: West Virginia Passes Major Pro-Gun Legislation

West Virgina’s governor just signed into law a bill restoring gun law uniformity across the state and protections to the citizens right to keep and bear arms.

They join states like Arizona, Georgia, Indiana and South Carolina that are relaxing their gun laws and expanding upon the rights of gun owners.

They also align with multiple states that are pushing back against federal gun control and nullifying Obama’s anti-gun agenda.

The NRA is reporting that West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin signed into law SB317, a bill that had passed overwhelmingly in the Legislature, which requires cities and towns to bring their gun ordinances into uniformity with the rest of the state.

gh-Copy VICTORY: West Virginia Passes Major Pro-Gun Legislation

Senate Bill 317 would require Charleston, South Charleston, Martinsburg and Dunbar to abandon their restrictive, anti-gun ordinances related to the carrying or selling of firearms. Under this law, West Virginia cities may still prohibit the concealed carrying of firearms in “municipal buildings dedicated to government operations”, but not anywhere else.

“This bill will bring uniformity to the confusing patchwork of gun laws around the state,” noted Chris W. Cox, executive director of the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action. “This bill will remove confusion and protect the rights of gun owners throughout the state. It is important to have clear and uniform laws upholding our Right to Keep and Bear Arms,” added Cox.

The bill would also do away with the three day “waiting period” on gun purchases, as well as the arbitrary limit of one handgun purchase per month.  It also allows for gun owners to store their firearms out of sight inside of their locked personal vehicles, even if on municipal property.

This is good news for West Virginian gun owners.  Having different gun laws of varying degrees in different areas of the state can lead to confusion about exactly what is permitted, not only among gun owners but law enforcement and prosecutors as well.  Superiority of state law over cities and towns give a comforting uniformity to everyone and is necessary.