Video: Congress Fears Out of Control Obama Could Suspend Election Laws

Anthony Gucciardi,

From DHS enacting ‘Constitution-free zones‘, to executive orders taking over all forms of communication authority within the United States — the Obama Administration has already gone far beyond corruption and deception and into an entirely new level of dictatorial control. And now, even leading congressional officials are openly questioning how truly tyrannical Obama’s next move may be.


Always operating with a straight face while trampling all over the Constitution, it seems Obama has no remorse when it comes to going against the people of the United States and its legal system as a whole. We all remember when Obama began issuing calls to attack Syria following a very sketchy chemical attack scenario, only to be met with fierce opposition. Ultimately, we did force Obama to back off amid complete and utter disapproval, but now even high level congressional officials are concerned as to what Obama’s next move will be.

Specifically, Rep. Trey Gowdy from South Carolina has now publicly raised fears that Obama could go ahead and suspend election laws in order to maintain control of the presidency. Gowdy says that since Obama has already decided to overturn the standing law on illegal immigrants, effectively declaring that the law no longer applies to them without any congressional backing, then what is to stop him from failing to enforce election laws? During  a recorded a House Judiciary Committee hearing, Gowdy asked:

“If the president can fail to enforce immigration laws, can the president likewise fail to enforce election laws?”

And he is asking a valid question, though it’s essential to understand that Obama and his administration have already gone above and beyond the already unprecedented levels of tyranny set by the Bush administration with legislation like the Patriot Act. Now, we must understand that Obama is getting away with completely stepping over the Constitution and the overall foundation of the United States — and it’s time we raise that message loud and clear.

DHS Dismisses Constitution, Bill of Rights

Because if the DHS can simply ‘overrule’ the Fourth Amendment for 197 million citizens, it can also ‘overrule’ the First and Second Amendments as well. What’s stopping them? It’s highly illegal under the Constitution, but it appears they truly don’t care. And to demonstrate just how little they truly care, they have even gone and ‘reviewed’ themselves for their own actions following outcry from some legal experts.

To break it down: back in 2008 there was outrage from those who actually value the Constitution and understand how the bloated DHS entity works, so the DHS promised to prove within 120 days that what they were doing was constitutional and legal. Years later, the report came out to reveal that the DHS actually reviewed itself and determined that it was acting 100% properly. It also founds that everything it was doing was ‘constitutional’ because it was not actually removing the Constitution from United States soil, only the ‘border’.

The ‘border’ that expands 100 miles and includes 197 million people.

This news should be on the front page of every single news organization in the world, but the sad reality is that it’s not. It’s up to the alternative news, the real news, to report on this. It’s up to me to make videos about this, it’s up to the alternative news to syndicate it out, and it’s up to you to share this. It’s time to reclaim our Constitution and tell the DHS we won’t live in Constitution free zones any longer.

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