Violating a Federal Law Apparently Doesn’t Disqualify a Person from Being a Dem VP Pick


The Office of Special Counsel released a statement that Democrat VP hopeful Julian Castro violated federal law. during an interview with Katie Couric on Yahoo in April. He touted Hillary Clinton and that’s a violation of the Hatch Act.

The Hatch Act prohibits federal workers from acting in their official capacity to influence elections.

He knew he was violating law because he said this before he started pushing Hillary: “I’m taking off my HUD hat for a second and just speaking individually.”

How can you take off your HUD hat? The Hatch Act doesn’t function under this administration which should be no surprise since the Constitution and immigration law are also meaningless.

joshearnest_small Violating a Federal Law Apparently Doesn't Disqualify a Person from Being a Dem VP Pick

Castro said it was “an inadvertent error.”

Oh brother.

Josh Earnest was asked if violating a federal law should disqualify someone from running as VP.

He apparently doesn’t see it as an obvious problem. “Look, I — I’m going to leave it to both candidates, obviously one candidate is already decided about who he believes should serve with him on the ticket. So, [indecipherable] it’s a decision that Secretary Clinton still has to make about who should be added to her ticket. She’s getting plenty advice from people and I’ll let her make that decision. OK?”

It’s not insurmountable for crooked Hillary.