Virginia Lawmakers Vote to Defund Planned Parenthood

Cortney O’Brien,

With the new revelation that some Planned Parenthood clinics apparently require its employees to act as “abortion salesmen,” this news out of Virginia is all too welcome.

As expected, pro-abortion advocates are excoriating the legislators for voting against women’s “reproductive freedom.”

NARAL was happy, though, to see HB 2267 proceed, a bill to ensure insurance coverage for yearlong supplies of birth control.

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BREAKING: Virginia House of Delegates just passed HB2264 to defund Planned Parenthood by vote of 60 YEA to 33 NAY.

Virginia lawmakers have done the Old Dominion a great service with the former legislation. In addition to awarding pizza parties to employees who meet abortion quotas, many Planned Parenthood clinics only offer ultrasounds for abortions and many more lie about offering prenatal care.

Investigations like these, conducted by the pro-life group Live Action, can help explain why it’s not just a few dozen lawmakers in Virginia that want to see Planned Parenthood lose its funding. Most Americans want those taxpayer dollars to go to local community health centers.