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Trump Won With the Lunch Counter Vote #TrumpWon

Arthur Schaper, One of my favorite TV sitcoms is “Frasier.” Kelsey Grammer (himself a well-respected conservative in Hollywood) played the nerve-racking Frasier Crane. This character gained compelling notoriety in “Boston”, then headlined the award-winning spin-off sitcom for eleven more years. Grammer’s well-educated shrink demonstrated erudition and flair, but still ran into the roadblocks of lives.

Trump: I Won Popular Vote If Illegal Voters Excluded

Kit Daniels, Why the Electoral College is necessary. President-elect Donald Trump had this to say in response to the ongoing Democrat push for an election recount limited to only states Trump won. It’s been well-documented that illegals have voted in elections, and it’s also quite possible the establishment attempted to rig the election for Hillary

Teachers Union Leaders Devastated that So Many Members Voted Trump

Warner Todd Huston, Despite the fact that teachers union bosses were all in for Hillary and made a heavy push for members to jump on the Clinton bandwagon, exit polls revealed that a large number of teachers ignored their leaders and voted for Trump. Now union officials are engaging in finger pointing and recriminations. Union

Trump Country: Michigan supporters want quick progress on trade, taxes

Donald Trump supporters are closely watching the president-elect’s first key policy decisions as he prepares to enter the White House. Voters who backed the GOP nominee in southeastern Michigan say as the country moves past the election, Trump will need to stay on message. “Donald Trump has got a fantastic opportunity to show the blue-collar

The Obama Voters Who Decided It Was Time To Make America Great Again

The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel ventured into Kenosha, Wisconsin, speaking with Obama-turned-Trump voters and showing how Clinton’s attacks against Trump simply didn’t resonate at all. Moreover, it delved into the changing dynamics of the area, where motor plants were closed, new houses were built, and where folks lying to get federal welfare benefits have angered

Majority of America Rejected Hillary Clinton, NYT Maps Show

Adan Salazar, Maps depict Hillary’s America vs. Trump’s. Donald Trump voters encompassed a larger swath of land across the United States than Hillary Clinton voters, maps produced by the New York Times show. In a startling contrast depicting what the country might look like if it was split by voters into “two imaginary nations,” the

About that popular vote victory the Left is claiming over Donald Trump

Diana West, Hillary Clinton Won the Illegal Vote!  The latest tallies show that after millions of Americans citizens, fraudsters and non-citizens voted for president, Donald Trump won less popular votes than Hillary Clinton. But is this margin of popular victory the will of legally registered American voters?  In 2014, three political scientists from Old Dominion University and

The Trump Victory and ‘Whitelash’: The Left’s Dilemma

Jack Kerwick, Though I find CNN’s Van Jones to be a man with few redeeming qualities, he may have stumbled upon an insight when he described the presidential election outcome on Tuesday night as the product of a “whitelash.” While people of every racial background and religion voted for him—Trump was as close to an

Wayne Allyn Root: ‘The Angry White Voter’ Election

I’m just an ordinary guy. I’m a S.O.B. (son of a butcher), small businessman, homeschool dad and Vegas oddsmaker-turned-political pundit. But last night I was on Romanian TV, Israeli TV, Australian TV and BBC World News explaining how I knew Trump would win big. I’ve actually been predicting Trump would win the GOP nomination and

America It’s Finally Time to Vote to #DrainTheSwamp

Preserve the U.S. political establishment or blow it up? That’s the question facing 226 million Americans eligible to vote for president Tuesday, with as many as 50 million having done so already. The winner inherits leadership of the world’s largest economy and a nation perhaps irreconcilably divided over immigration, trade and its role in the world.