Walgreens Just Fired This Man Because He Refused To Kill Babies


 The pro-abortion movement has become so powerful in America that adherence to its murderous tenets is now apparently more important than the constitutionally guaranteed right to free religious exercise. This tragic point was illustrated in the recent termination of a Walgreens pharmacist whose Christian faith prevented him from distributing abortifacient drugs to pregnant women.

Hall, who entered the medical field with the intention of sustaining and improving life, found out last August that he was being fired for trying to do exactly that. Despite six years of stellar reviews from his employer, Walgreens suddenly demanded he violate his values and sell the Plan B abortion pill. The company reportedly severed ties with him after he pointed out the fact that his faith had been accommodated in the past regarding this particular drug.

Abortion-II_small2 Walgreens Just Fired This Man Because He Refused To Kill Babies

Since 2007, Hall had been permitted to transfer such requests to another pharmacist. When the FDA removed the prescription mandate for Plan B last year, however, such concessions were no longer available; and he had to choose between his job and his faith. Despite the incredible financial hardship it caused, he chose the latter.

The Thomas More Society, along with attorney Larry Crain, is coming to his aid with a federal lawsuit aimed at rectifying this tragic situation. We are proud to join in the effort with a petition and Facebook page dedicated to reinstating Hall to a position for which he was unquestionably well-qualified.

“Americans have the right to live according to their sincerely held religious beliefs,” Crain explained, “and not be forced to participate in actions that they deeply and sincerely believe are morally wrong.”

According to the suit, Hall lost his health insurance and was forced to spend much of his retirement fund to survive three months between jobs. He was also reportedly denied unemployment benefits and was ultimately forced to accept a job with a 120-mile daily commute.

Thomas More Society attorney Jocelyn Floyd said Hall’s termination was illegal, “especially after six years of settled store practices showed that Walgreens could reasonably accommodate Dr. Hall’s religious beliefs with no difficulties.”

In support of Hall, and the beleaguered pro-life movement as a whole, you can voice your outrage and add your name to our petition by clicking here. You can join us in demanding Hall be reinstated – along with a formal apology – or send Walgreen’s a clear message that there are other pharmacies that would be happy to take your business.

We have also established a Facebook page that will provide updates in his appeal and allow users to express encouragement in their own words. Be sure to “like” the page below to receive the latest news.

The Western Center for Journalism is joining in Dr. Phillip Hall’s defense with an important petition you can sign right now on his behalf!