WalMart Pledges To Create 10,000 New Jobs

Aaron Bandler,

WalMart has promised to create 10,000 new jobs in the United States.

The company, which is one of the largest employers in the country with 1.5 million workers, made its announcement on Tuesday. The 10,000 new jobs will be in retail, the result of their new e-commerce services and store openings plus enlarging current stores in operation.

There will be an additional 24,000 jobs stemming from construction that will be needed for the creation and expansion of WalMart stores.

walmartjobs_small WalMart Pledges To Create 10,000 New Jobs Jobs

“With a presence in thousands of communities and a vast supplier network, we know we can play an important role in supporting and creating American jobs,” said Dan Bartlett, WalMart’s vice president of corporate affairs, in a press release.

Additionally, WalMart announced that they would be opening 160 new academies to train over 225,000 workers and funnel $6.8 billion in investments throughout the U.S.

The announcement appears to be a positive rebound from when WalMart had to close 154 stores in January 2016, which resulted in 10,000 lost jobs. However, WalMart will be slashing 1,000 corporate jobs by the end of the month.

WalMart’s announcement comes as General Motors announced their pledge to invest $1 billion in U.S. factories, prompting President-elect Donald Trump to express on jubilation on Twitter that “people are seeing ‘big stuff.'”

It’s become clear that given Trump’s disdain for companies that export jobs from the country, businesses are announcing their intentions to create jobs in the U.S. to avoid the president-elect’s ire. There will likely be more companies with similar announcement as Trump’s inauguration looms near.