Washington homeowner fighting to keep treehouse

 Zeb Postelwait of Washington state always wanted to build a treehouse for his sons. He got the chance last summer after moving into a Wenatchee home with a big tree in the front yard.

Two months later he received his first notice from the city to tear it down.

The Wenatchee World reports officials say the treehouse overhangs the sidewalk, threatening public safety. Postelwait disagrees.

treehouse_small Washington homeowner fighting to keep treehouse

City officials say he could keep it if he takes out a $1 million insurance policy. But Postelwait says no way.

The city is prepared to seek a court order to remove the treehouse and send Postelwait the bill. He feels the city is harassing him.

some comments:

Lisa McDowell:
Let’s celebrate a Dad involved with his kids…and motivating them to play outside..use their imaginations..that’s rad!!! If the city wants something to focus on in a front yard,how bout the graffiti that happens weekly in my poor neighbors front yard…or the drug dealers doing business right across the street from me? Priorities..Zeb you are a kick ass Dad,keep it up.
Tamar Jorgensen:
 I’ve seen the progress of the build as we live near this park.. Had it been built in the backyard would this cause such an issue. Obviously this dad has built a tree house for his children to enjoy.