Washington Post Covers Up Superdelegate’s Hatred for Bernie Sanders


DNC emails reveal depth of animosity.


It looks like The Washington Post has not bothered to read the DNC emails.

On Monday, following the resignation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the newspaper declared “Donna Brazile is an obvious choice as interim chair of the Democratic National Committee.”

This is the same DNC apparatchik who said last May she would not get involved in the kerfuffle between the Sanders camp and the DNC over representation on the Democrat platform committee.

“I have no intention of touching this,” Brazile said in an email to Patrice Taylor, the Director of Party Affairs & Delegate Selection at the Democratic National Committee, and other DNC superdelegates.

“Why? Because I will cuss out the Sanders camp!”

Edward Snowden tweeted out the email.

 brazile-email_small Washington Post Covers Up Superdelegate's Hatred for Bernie Sanders

Despite Brazile’s obvious bias, The Washington Post held her up as a paragon of fairness:

For the DNC, there can be no more important quality in the interim chair than fairness — actual and perceived — after Wasserman Schultz resigned, following WikiLeaks’ release of hacked emails with evidence that party officials favored Hillary Clinton in her race against Sanders. While Wasserman Schultz was constantly accused by the Sanders campaign of harboring a pro-Clinton bias, Brazile, a regular presence on CNN during coverage of debates and state primaries, consistently provided impartial analysis.

Bizarrely, the Post insists Brazile remained neutral on Sanders until Clinton “won” the California primary. “Even then, she was highly complimentary,” the newspaper reported.

The scribes at the Post had ample time to research the leaked DNC emails and discover Brazile’s real attitude toward Bernie Sanders and his supporters.

Is it any wonder a growing number of Americans no longer believe the corporate media?

The Post and The New York Times continue to push skewered reportage favorable to the elite and its political class. The DNC leak demonstrates how the establishment media operates as a propaganda organ for the state, not only peddling misrepresentation, but outright lies.

Lies have deadly consequence, as millions of Iraqis discovered after The New York Times said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, a lie that set the stage for a neocon invasion of the country.