Washington Times: Cancel The Presidential Debates; We Have Unvetted Candidates


Art2_WT_9-10-2012_Header Washington Times: Cancel The Presidential Debates; We Have Unvetted Candidates

Cancel the Presidential Debates: We Have Unvetted Candidates

Article II Super PAC @ Washington Times

On August 30, 2012, Article II Super PAC sent letters to all appointed Members of the Commission on Presidential Debates reminding them of their organization’s mission and responsibility to the people of the United States. That is, no presidential candidate can take part in the upcoming debates without authenticating their Article II qualifications.
We know there is no state or federal agency responsible for vetting presidential/vice presidential candidates, but rather this extremely serious national security responsibility rests solely within the purview of the national political parties.
Therefore, Article II Super PAC along with countless of other citizens have requested from the Commission on Presidential Debates to “clarify its official position on this national security issue and explain how the CPD qualifies Presidential candidates’ constitutional eligibility as natural born Citizens of the United States.”
We will immediately post the CPD‘s response if and when we receive it.
To read the letter click – http://www.art2superpac.com/presdebates.html


If there is nothing else we’ve learned these last four years it’s that the political party system has created an impenetrable wall between themselves and the voting public. They have insulated themselves from all accountability and have demonstrated time and again they can and will do as they please. They have become untouchable and they know it. But the bad news is we now know it too.

This is why this next story is so important. It is not only about another expert weighing in on the forged birth certificate sitting in plain site on the White House web servers. No, what makes this story important is that an official arm of the Israeli government is putting its weight behind the dozens of American experts who are on record detailing the elements that make this birth certificate a forged document.

We invite other countries experts to weigh in too. Bring it on!


Israeli Expert Confirms Obama Birth Certificate is a Forgery

On Sunday, September 9, 2012, Obamareleaseyourrecords/BirtherReport blog posted a bombshell report titled “Israel Science And Technology Confirm Obama Birth Certificate Forged: Slams U.S. Congress.” Because this Israeli agency and the author of the report, Israel Hanukoglu, Ph. D., are unknown to us, we asked Mara Zebest, Adobe Expert, to confirm Dr. Hanukoglu’s conclusions. Here is what she had to say …
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Obama_wait_no_hawaii Washington Times: Cancel The Presidential Debates; We Have Unvetted Candidates

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