WashPost Dream World: Megyn Losing Debate to Newt Showed ‘Badassery’

The Washington Post’s media columnist Margaret Sullivan heaps praise on Fox News host Megyn Kelly for showing “badassery” in her heated interview with Newt Gingrich, in which Kelly described Donald Trump as a “sexual predator” but refused to describe Bill Clinton as one.

From the Washington Post:

Tuesday night, Kelly once again showed what she can do in her best moments. Her interview with former House speaker and current Trump ally Newt Gingrich offered a rarely seen mic-drop. They sparred, mesmerizingly, over the allegations of Trump’s sexual misconduct.

Gingrich tried to dismiss the topic — and dis the interviewer: “You are fascinated with sex, and you don’t care about public policy.”

Quite a claim — and Kelly wasn’t having it. Gingrich had conflated the violence of sexual assault with consensual sex. She fired back, citing polls that show that most women actually do care about the issue of sexual harassment. And, as Gingrich proceeded to repeatedly label former president Bill Clinton a “predator,” she asserted the obvious: Fox has given plenty of coverage to Clinton’s checkered past with women. (And let’s not forget that while the House speaker was championing Clinton’s impeachment, he was carrying on an adulterous affair with one of his staffers.)

newttellsoffkelly_small WashPost Dream World: Megyn Losing Debate to Newt Showed ‘Badassery’ Media Bias

Kelly is tough, talented and smart. She did the right thing when she told internal investigators that she, too, had been sexually harassed by her former boss Roger Ailes — a move that might have been the final blow for him at Fox, where he was fired in August.

She is also often occupied with burnishing her brand and enhancing her career, which includes the matter of the expiration of her Fox contract in 2017. Meanwhile, her autobiographical book, “Settle for More,” comes out next month and is expected to detail her feud with Trump and the toll it took.

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