WATCH: Democrats Caught On Camera Breaking Voter Registration Laws


 Thanks to the vigilant activism of James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas campaign, a long line of leftist corruption has been exposed on camera. The self-described “guerrilla war to expose fraud” most recently tackled the growing Democrat movement to turn Texas into a blue state.

The key to that goal, according to the Battleground Texas staffers recorded, is registering as many leftist voters as possible. Beyond that, at least one of the organization’s leaders, field organizer Jennifer Longoria, encourages participants to violate a clearly stated privacy law.

voters_small2 WATCH: Democrats Caught On Camera Breaking Voter Registration Laws

“Every time we register somebody to vote, we keep their name, address, and phone number,” she said to an investigative journalist posing as a volunteer. “That’s where all our information comes from.” 

When asked for clarification, Longoria confirmed that data comes directly from voter registration forms. The problem, however, is that recording a registrant’s phone number from these documents is against the law.

The Secretary of State’s office has ruled that only names and addresses are considered public information; and in response to Project Veritas’ request, a source within the department declared that “section 13.004 speaks for itself.”

Nevertheless, Longoria claims their “data collection is the key” to increasing voter turnout. Merely registering a voter, she said in the video, results in about a 15 percent turnout rate, while multiple calls to that same voter can increase that probability fivefold.

Volunteers are encouraged to call the voters they register, using a script that confirms they are “calling in support of Wendy Davis.”

Already mired in substantial scandals, the Texas Democrat, whose claim to fame is a desire to see more late-term abortions in her state, now finds herself at the heart of another public relations disaster.

O’Keefe calls Battleground Texas “the new ACORN,” explaining that the group uses many of the same illegal tactics of the community organization group responsible for registering single voters multiple times, or signing up ineligible individuals.

It is evident that the only way Texas will fall under Democrat control in the short term is through rampant corruption and fraud. Unfortunately, this video shows that Battleground Texas is using exactly such tactics in pursuing its goal.