WATCH: Hillary Cackles Like Witch in Freaky Trump-Hating Moment Caught on Camera

Hillary Clinton has been called many things throughout her political career, such as first lady, junior senator, madame secretary, and of course presidential candidate. She has also be saddled with some less than honorable names as well, such as one in particular that rhymes with the word “itch.”

Since we generally try to keep things clean here at Conservative Tribune, we’ll go with “witch” for that specific title, and point out that she has a tendency to cackle like one from time to time.

hillarybadfaith_small-3 WATCH: Hillary Cackles Like Witch in Freaky Trump-Hating Moment Caught on Camera

During a recent campaign rally appearance, Hillary was taking a shot at billionaire businessman and GOP front-runner Donald Trump during her speech when someone in the crowd yelled out “He’s fired!”

Hillary responded by saying, “He’s fired. That’s funny,” before proceeding to let loose with the awful-sounding wicked witch-like cackle previously mentioned. 

It is worth pointing out that Hillary’s cackles aren’t solely reserved for when someone makes a funny, but also routinely appears when she is asked a question she really doesn’t want to answer.

For instance, there was the moment during her 11-hour long Benghazi Committee testimony in which she let out the infamous cackle in response to a question about what she was doing that fateful night, prompting Republican Alabama Rep. Martha Roby to say, “I don’t know why that’s funny … I don’t find it funny at all.”

Then of course there are the numerous and repeated instances of her attempting to joke away or laugh off questions regarding the FBI investigation into her private email server setup as secretary of state. 

And of course there was the time that she was caught on tape cackling about how she disparaged a young rape victim and got her rapist assailant off the hook for a crime she admitted he probably committed during her early years as a lawyer.

If that isn’t enough, feel free to watch the following compilation video of some of Hillary’s greatest cackling hits, if you can stand four and a half minutes of her horrendous laugh.

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