WATCH VIDEO: Key Obama Eligibility Figure Loretta Fuddy Killed

Hawaii Department of Health Director, Loretta Fuddy, was killed in a small plane crash near Kalaupapa on Wednesday, December 11th. The other eight passengers survived. Loretta Fuddy confirmed President Obama’s birth certificate in 2011. She was 65. 


 Patriots Attempting Forced Government Shutdown


 While numerous patriotic protests have failed to gain substantial traction based on the logistical concerns inherent in staging a centralized rally, a unique event is being developed that will allow citizens to make a difference from their own homes.

Zeeda Andrews, who was instrumental in organizing October’s trucker strike and rally in Washington, D.C., is behind this latest effort, which she is calling “Americans Shut Down Government.” A dedicated Facebook page launched Monday will provide details as they become available.

In an exclusive correspondence with the Western Center for Journalism, Andrews described the intent of her most recent initiative, which is still in development.

“We do feel this will be a big event because everyone can participate,” she wrote in an email response to WCJ’s inquiry. Basically, she and fellow organizers Christina Pullen and Keith Migra are attempting to disrupt service both within the mainstream media and the Internal Revenue Service by inundating them with huge numbers of simultaneous phone calls.

“It is still in the making with more information to be given to the public with phone numbers, etc.,” she explained.

governmentshutdown_small WATCH VIDEO: Key Obama Eligibility Figure Loretta Fuddy Killed

In response to a Facebook inquiry, page administrators suggested that “if everyone calls, it jams the system and shuts it down for a little while and [if] you keep doing it, it is hard for them to come back online.”

Participants are encouraged to call at the same time and “let them know we mean business.”

Andrews feels far more people will be able to take part in this protest, noting they will only need access to a phone and a list of numbers to call. She wants to stage monthly events in a similar vein, beginning with the first mass phone campaign set for Jan. 16.

Those who have been unable to show up in person for previous rallies can now get involved in a nationwide effort, she noted.

“This is just the beginning of many events in the future,” she concluded.

–B. Christopher Agee