We will not get Our Country Back by Voting for Hillary #OnlyTrump

Joe Bilello,

Does anyone actually believe that the national debt has nearly doubled under President Obama because he has been systematically slashing annual budget deficits?

Even when Hillary Clinton technically tells the truth, she is extremely deceptive. On Wednesday night’s debate, Hillary espoused the insane deception that President Obama has “cut the deficit by two-thirds.” This ridiculous claim has been touted by the Obama administration for years and is based on a complete fabrication.

Last week the White House confirmed a budget deficit for 2016 of $587B – a significant increase from last year’s $438B. After the $800+ billion stimulus, the massive omnibus spending bill and TARP, the deficit during the first Obama/Bush budget year was roughly $1.5 trillion. According to shady democrat economics, bringing the deficit down to $500B would be cutting it by two-thirds, if you only compare it to the highest year in history where it was massively inflated far beyond even extremely high levels.

When Hillary Clinton claims that she will not “add a penny” to the national debt, it can be safely assumed that she will be relying on the same fuzzy math to justify that outrageous claim.

Every election cycle, poll after poll indicates that the economy is the number one issue on the minds of the American people.  If the economy is truly the most important issue on the table, it is clear who has been winning the debate between the two major presidential candidates.

Hillary Clinton has been using a very effective tactic during her campaign for the White House. Say something that sounds nice and hope it invokes emotion without people actually thinking about what was said. Free health care. Free college. Free puppies. Equal pay. A living wage. Social justice etc.

But what happens when you actually evaluate the rhetoric? Who’s gonna pay for this? How will it affect my job, my taxes, small businesses, the debt and the overall economy?

Hillary Clinton has made several attacks on Donald Trump’s proposals and his personal economic history as well as several “feel good” proposals of her own. The problem is that her attacks are inadvertent praise for Donald Trump. And rather than becoming defensive, Trump embraces many of the attacks as badges of honor and brilliantly replies, “that’s the kind of thinking our country needs”.

Democrats love to elect people who have never run a business or, in many cases, never even had a job. To be fair, Hillary Clinton once had a job defending child rapists which is one more job than current party leaders Obama and Sanders have had combined. But does that make her qualified to run the economy?

Here are just some of the things Hillary Clinton has said during her campaign and the debates that best display her economic ignorance and make the case for Donald Trump as the most competent of the two to manage America’s economy.

Donald Trump stiffs contractors: There are numerous buildings, hotels, casinos and golf courses around the world with the name “Trump” on them. This is not because the people who are building them are not being paid. But Hillary uses the always annoying political anecdote. An exception to the rule disguised as commonplace. With thousands upon thousands of people who have done work for Donald Trump and presumably been paid, Hillary trots out one man who claims to have been stiffed by Mr. Trump.

Trump’s response: “Maybe he didn’t do a good job”.

builder_small We will not get Our Country Back by Voting for Hillary #OnlyTrump Election

In the world Donald Trump lives in, the real world – people who do not perform a job they are being paid to do, do not get paid. In the world Hillary Clinton lives in, the government – people who do not perform a job they are being paid to do get a performance bonus, a raise and a hefty taxpayer-funded pension.

Equal pay: During the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton actually attacked Donald Trump with the claim “[He] has said that women don’t deserve equal pay unless they do as good a job as men.”

What a horrible, sexist monster! What kind of person believes that someone shouldn’t be paid equally unless they do as good a job as someone else?

Trump’s taxes: Hillary claims that Trump’s reluctance to release his tax forms indicates that he is hiding something-perhaps the fact that he has not been paying taxes. And it appears as though she may be correct as Mr. Trump acknowledges that he uses the current tax codes to his fullest advantage.

The intent is to spark outrage among the American people that a billionaire has not been paying his “fair share.” The reality, is that the American voter will have to look in the mirror and ask themselves whether or not they would voluntarily pay more taxes than legally obligated to do.

Minimum-wage and profit sharing: Along with her constant demands for a “living wage,” Hillary Clinton believes that the government “should incentivize” corporate profit sharing.

Aside from convincing Democratic voters that everyone else is a racist, sexist, homophobic bigot, the greatest trick Democrats have ever pulled off is convincing “the worker” of their critical value to society. But regardless of what American workers have been led to believe, you need your employer, they don’t need you.

Unless you possess a particularly invaluable and irreplaceable skill, you are easily replaced. With tens of millions of people out of the workforce, we do not currently have a shortage of workers. We have a shortage of employers. Does anyone actually believe that Hillary Clinton’s policies of higher taxes, an increased minimum wage, stricter regulations and profit sharing will incentivize startup businesses and growth of existing ones?

Clinton continues to make promises to the worker while criticizing Donald Trump for incentivizing businesses and corporations with tax cuts and lower regulations. Perhaps this is a wise political move by Mrs. Clinton. There are a lot more workers than employers. But it’s important to remember that without employers, there are no workers. Without workers, you just go get more workers. To any worker who believes that they are entitled to so much more, always remember, there is a line of people waiting to take your job.

It is possible that the rise of Trump was simply a rejection of the GOP establishment and “politics as usual.” Or it is possible that many Americans have decided that they want a CEO to run the economy. They want a cutthroat businessman who actually understands budgets, deadlines, payrolls and negotiations.

Donald Trump is an unknown, politically-speaking. But given the track record of our current political leaders, and if the economy truly is the top priority, maybe President Trump is worth a shot.