WE WON The America First Unity Rally Is Back On!

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Citizens for Trump fought for your right to have a rally in Cleveland to celebrate Mr. Trump’s nomination and won!

After weeks of back and forth in our lawsuit with the city of Cleveland, a judge ruled in our favor citing the city’s new imposed security perimeters as overreaching and unconstitutional.

The City of Cleveland made it clear that they were never intent on supporting a rally for a group Trump supporters so the city made delays at every opportunity to thwart our efforts to hold a rally. At one point the city finally had to agree to let the people hold protests and rallies, however the city chose to force opposing political groups to gather in the same locations which would have made for an unsafe environment and possibly caused personal injury or worse to those who would have attended.  With the poor managment executed by the City it was clear that Citizens for Trump had to take the matter to court where the grassroots organization won it’s federal case for the people of the United States to express their freedom of speech and rights to assemble peacefully.

One of the most hard won conservative gatherings this century, Citizens for Trump had to overcome a federal court case against the city of Cleveland in order to secure the rights of all Americans to gather and have their voices be heard despite unlawful Federal restrictions placed on a zone surrounding the Republican National Convention.

americafirstrally_small WE WON  The America First Unity Rally Is Back On!

Originally planning to hold a rally to prevent a brokered convention that would have undermined Mr. Trump’s candidacy, Citizens for Trump changed the focus of the event to include a celebration of Mr. Trump’s nomination after it was clear that he had clinched the GOP mantle from a field of 17 other candidates.

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The America First Unity Rally will be on held on July 18th at Settler’s Landing Park, Cleveland, OH at 11:00AM.

Visit http://americafirstmovement.com for all the details.
You can support the rally or become a sponsor here: https://www.patriotcauses.com/projects/america-first-unity-rally/