What are Backlinks and How Backlinks are helpful for your Blog?

I am sure that if you have studied about Search Engine Optimization, you’ve came across the word Backlink. Backlink is a term which refers to link pointing at a blog from another website/blog. When i started blogging, i was not aware of Backlinks and their importance. So its possible that you may also not aware of Backlinks, thats why I am going to share my knowledge of backlinks and how to create backlinks for WordPress Blog.

What is Backlink in SEO

backlinks What are Backlinks and How Backlinks are helpful for your Blog?

In simple words “An anchor link in a blog/website which is pointing to another blog/website is called backlink“. Its a simple link which can be found in the blog post, sidebar, header, footer or even comments. No matter where it is, if it is pointing to an external website then it is a Backlink of that website. Backlinks are also known as Referrers. Backlinks are also used to increase the Page Rank of a blog. In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the quality of backlinks plays an important role. Google respect the blogs which have Quality Backlinks, and the chances are higher to bring your blog on the 1st page of search result by creating backlinks. Other then SEO, you can get traffic to your blog from the website/blog which contain link pointing to your blog. So, how you can create quality backlinks for free? Lets get started with it.

How to create Quality Backlinks?

backlinks-generation What are Backlinks and How Backlinks are helpful for your Blog?

So i hope you may know about backlinks now. Now i am going to share some basic ways to create backlinks for your blog. But i want you to have a look on some useful tips before we move to the next step.

  • In Search Engine Optimization, the number of backlinks doesn’t matter but the quality of backlinks matters.
  • A link pointing to your blog from a website/blog of PageRank 1+ will be quality backlink.
  • Paid backlinks will destroy your blog. They have no worth. So never buy backlinks.
  • Don’t submit your blog in the directories, which ask you to create an anchor link to their directory in order to get approved for the directory listening. Otherwise Google and various search engines will mark your link as a spam.

Must follow the above guidelines if you want to keep your blog in search engine results. Ok now lets move to generating backlinks. There are 100+ ways to create backlinks. I am not going to share all of the methods in this article since it is not possible but You can find some basic and powerful tricks to create backlinks below. Some of the basic ways to create backlinks are:

  • Write Detailed and Quality Articles
  • Write Guest Posts on Other Blogs
  • Commenting on other blogs
  • Submit Directories

Write Detailed and Quality Articles

killer-articles What are Backlinks and How Backlinks are helpful for your Blog?  This is the most simple and basic way to get Quality backlinks to your blog. If your article have depth details of the topic then you will get links to your blog from other bloggers. If you are writing tutorials then there are chances that your readers will share your post in their articles. Try to use some widgets for showing most popular posts or top posts in sidebar or footer. Because most of the bloggers with same niche take a look on that posts to use those posts in their own articles.

Submit Guest Posts on Other Blogs

guest-post What are Backlinks and How Backlinks are helpful for your Blog?  Most of the blogs are accepting guest posts. Find some blogs with the same niche. Write quality articles for their blogs and in exchange they will give you a permanent backlink to your blog. You can find blogs for guest posting via Google. Must have a look on the rules of guest posting of each blog before writing the article. Every blog have its own Rules and terms. So must have a look on them every time you going to write a new article for a blog. I will write a detail article on Guest posting in upcoming articles.

Commenting on other blogs

comments What are Backlinks and How Backlinks are helpful for your Blog?  Comments are the best way to get backlinks to your blog. Start commenting on forums, Blogs and Websites with the same niche. Don’t post a direct link to your blog in comment, Only write the url of your blog in the Website section and if you are commenting on forum then add your blog URL in the signature of your profile. You will also get direct traffic from the website which contain backlinks to your blog.

Submit Directories

directories What are Backlinks and How Backlinks are helpful for your Blog?  As i mentioned above submitting directories are useful for backlinking, But finding original directories is not an easy task. Try to ignore such directories which ask you create a backlink to the directory on your blog. Don’t use any auto directory submission tool to submit directories. It will create spam links and your blog will no more remain in search results.


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