What Are You Willing To Die For?


Youcef-Nadarkhani-220x120 What Are You Willing To Die For?  We’ve all heard that the members of the Secret Service will take a bullet to protect the President, Vice President and whoever else they are assigned to protect. These men and women do this because it is the job they chose. It does not mean that they believe so much in the person they are protecting, but in the job they have sworn to carry out.

Law enforcement officers across the land also know that they may lose their lives in the line of duty. It’s generally something they don’t long for and wish to do, but they are aware that their lives are on the line every day they leave their home.

The same is true with firefighters. In some areas of the nation, there are nearly as many firefighters that lose their lives in the line of duty as law enforcement officers. Fires pose many dangers that most people aren’t unaware of.

And let’s not forget the men and women in armed forces. From the Revolutionary War to today, more than 1.3 million U.S. military personnel have died fighting for and defending America’s freedom. Over 1.5 million have been wounded in the line of duty. These men and women, in most cases, have gone into battle knowing that they could die for the cause they are fighting for.

But what about dying for one’s faith? Are American Christians willing to die for their Christian faith? Many say they are, but I bet when the time comes that few will be willing to stand up and say that they believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, knowing that those words would mean certain death.

I couldn’t help but think of this as I was reading the account of Youcef Nadarkhani in Iran. He had been in prison now for three years and is facing a death sentence for converting from Islam to Christianity. He has not been allowed to see his wife or two sons. The last time Youcef was in court, Iranian officials demanded that he renounce his Christian faith. Knowing that his words meant certain death, Youcef told the officials, “I cannot.


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