What Do Democrats Want More – Abortion Industry Money or Pro-Life Votes?

Frank Pavone,

“The stakes have been high in previous elections.  But in 2016, the stakes can be measured in human lives….”

–     2016 Democratic Party Platform

How right the Democrats were in declaring that the stakes in the 2016 election could be measured in human lives.  How wrong they were in making their measurement.

That’s because the Democrats consciously omitted the unborn from their calculations.  And given their recent choices of former Obama cabinet member Tom Perez and leftist Congressman Keith Ellison to lead their party, they have no intention to relent in their efforts to dehumanize the most helpless among us.

prochoice_small What Do Democrats Want More – Abortion Industry Money or Pro-Life Votes? Democratic Party

Simply stated, fewer babies would have lived to see the light of day over the next four years had Democrats won the presidency and Congress.

And given the new leadership team of Perez and Ellison, both supported by lockstep pro-aborts, the party’s anti-life mindset is not about to change without grassroots pressure.

The unfortunate fact is that the one time “party of the little guy” simply doesn’t care about the littlest in society.  The political organization that proclaims itself the champion of the vulnerable and defenseless has no room in its collective heart for the tiniest and most voiceless. 

And yet, immersed in self-deception, Democrats claim to care about the least among us.

How did this happen?  Why does it continue?

Certainly, the Democratic Party’s Platform is full of noble intentions.  The words that seemingly would support protecting unborn babies’ lives are inscribed in that document.  Those words, however, become lost in translation when passed through the abortion industry filter that governs the party’s speech.

“Democrats are the party of inclusion,” proclaims the platform.  Democrats want to “protect citizens’ right to vote” and “every American’s right to retire with dignity.”  Yet, how can Democrats protect someone’s right to vote or retire with dignity when that person is already dead because the Democrats refused to protect his or her most fundamental right of all – the right not to be killed?  

Take away a child’s right to life by abortion and you have taken away her right to health care, to an education, to work, to vote — and every other right. Put another way, supporting abortion says that all these other rights belong to some human beings, but not to all.