What is the Chinese Strategy for World Domination?


china2 What is the Chinese Strategy for World Domination?  There is a lot of speculation as to the meaning behind the perceived disagreement between China and Japan over the Senkaku Islands. Maybe we are not looking at the situation quite right.

It was recently reported that China is working on a deal wherein they will be purchasing crude oil from Mexico and will not be using the fiat US dollar in the exchange.

Is not the fact that Iran refuses to accept the central bank and the US dollar the reason the Zionists are chomping at the bit to invade them? Was this not why we bombed Libya back into the third world?
Couple this with the fact that China has asserted that it will ally itself with Russia to counter any attack on Iran or Syria and it would seem we would have sufficient elements in place to precipitate World War III.

Maybe China and Russia, having backed the United States and Israel off in the Middle East and in consideration of the fact that most of the countries in the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Indonesia are right now demanding that the Zionist controlled US and their dirty debt dollar get out of their countries, and considering the fact that the Chinese have been buying up gold and silver hand over fist, maybe the Chinese and Russians think they can replace the worthless oil dollar with a new international communist currency, backed by gold.

Would not all these countries in the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Indonesia embrace such a currency as it would free them from the Zionist backed Israeli banking cabal better known as the Federal Reserve?

Don’t forget, considering Fukushima, the Japanese and their economy are in a world of hurt and literally at the mercy of the central banks that exercise absolute control over their economy. Of course they have their own currency in the yen but how easy would it be for the central banks to completely bankrupt them and leave them in a radiated hell through a worldwide trade embargo?

I think the Japanese government, like the US government, will do as they are told by the Zionists. Because really, what is their choice, the Zionists or their traditional enemy China, which will bring them to their knees and enslave them once the Chinese are established as the most powerful military nation in the world. That is following the elimination of the competition through the world bankruptcy brought on by the collapse of the dollar.

Again, China is buying gold hand over fist and can survive the collapse of the dollar.

Food for thought.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.