“When injustice becomes Law, resistance becomes duty.

The United States of America faces a Constitutional crisis of immense proportions.

 Unimaginable, some say. Yet our Founders not only facedthe same sorts of enemies, foreign and domestic, but prescientlywarned us in no uncertain terms of the dangers we would encounter.

At the time ofour Founding, America numbered around 3 million in 13 colonies.Somehow, some 100,000 Founding Fathers and Mothers found a way toshake off the yoke of tyranny. 3% is all it took, with approximately30% following them.

Nowit’s 2014, with 50 states and over 315 million people. 3% is morethan 10 million patriots!

Whowill save this (and perhaps future) great nation from spiraling intothe abyss?

Statiststatus-quo politicians?

TPaineposter_small “When injustice becomes Law, resistance becomes duty.

ProgressiveDemocrats? Progressive Republicans? None of them step up to stopPresident Obama from writing and enforcing illegal andUnconstitutional Executive Orders. This new American tyrant isapplauded in the halls of power, even as he makes theirrepresentative roles moot. They actively assist their own neutering,and continually pass Unconstitutional laws to do the same to thePeople. Even the few Patriots in the House of Representatives areunwilling to impeach, because they understand the Senate will notconvict.


Theyhave taken on activism as their unwarranted mandate, making up rightsas they go along, ignoring rights that pre-exist the Declaration andConstitution and are clearly spelled out. They turn a blind eye toExecutive lawlessness and share his disdain for Constitutional limitsto government power.


Theroughly 50% of Americans who have allowed themselves to sink intodependence to Federal largesse; bread paid for today with dollarsborrowed from those not yet born?


Swornas they are to uphold and defend the Constitution, they arenonetheless subject to strict discipline and follow orders. Ordersemanating from the corrupt, administered and passed along by a newcadre of military leaders, who replace those unwilling to carry outillegal orders. Significant numbers of leaders, in all branches, havebeen purged for just this purpose.

Hordesof “Dreamers”, illegal invaders whose vision of the AmericanDream is a government handout, in return for loss of liberty they’venever known and do not cherish?

Thepundits of the mainstream Media? Professors in the groves of Academe?Progressives, all. They cheerlead and cheerfully misinform the Peopleat every turn. They willfully ignore “inconvenient truth”. Are weto rely on that small number of patriots who actually tell it like itis? They are too few, and have no power save that of the bullypulpit.

Canour Constitution defend itself?

Althoughthe ideals expressed in the Declaration of Independence, Constitutionand Bill of Rights are timeless and powerful, they are really nothingmore than mere words on parchment, unless We the People DEMAND theybe followed!

Eventhat Progressive icon, Eleanor Roosevelt, understood the greatness ofour first President, George Washington, and the struggles andsacrifices his Winter Soldiers faced.

“Tome, the days at Valley Forge best show the stuff of which Washingtonwas made. He went through great discouragement, with an Army that wasragged, poorly fed and never warm, with insufficient ammunition, andwith a divided government back of him which often provided no moneywith which to pay his soldiers.

His soldierswere deeply concerned about their homes and families. Because theyknew that food would be lacking at home if the seeds were not plantedand the harvest garnered, they frequently asked to go home in groupswhich made the strength of his army uncertain, even though theypromised to return.

What visionWashington must have had of the future to make him fight theRevolution through to victory! No wonder he was tired at the end, nowonder he longed to join his wife and live in peace at Mount Vernon.How simple the little problems of farm management must have seemed ashe labored at his desk at Valley Forge!”

There is onlyONE solution. We, the People, the bold, brave patriots, the 3%,desperate to regain and retain liberty for ourselves and ourposterity, must make ourselves heard. We must use whatever means atour disposal, short of violence for now, to end the betrayals of ouralleged “leaders”. We, too, have pens and phones. We, too, havemoney in small donations to more than match the deep pockets offat-cats. We have more than these. We have the ability to but bootson the ground in Washington, DC and State Capitals across America, innumbers far larger than any that governments can muster.

We call upon thePeople to join us in DC, beginning on May 16, 2014. We, the People,DEMAND Federal accountability! We DEMAND their dismissal orresignation from office!

OperationAmerican Spring is coming. We will remake and retake America as itwas intended to be, that Shining City on a Hill. We WILL win. For weMUST win.


writtenby Larry McParland
Graphic courtesy of Dave van Allen
Time: February 17, 2014 at 2:42 pm