Whitewashing the Black Flag

Edmund Kozak,

Administration, others continue to ignore Islamic terror threat and mislead the public.

As the nation continues to mourn for those who perished in the Islamic terror attack in Orlando, Florida, the left continues its attempts to divert all eyes from what inspired Omar Mateen to murder 49 innocent people — militant Islam.

Lynch’s shameless remarks follow the administration’s attempt to redact all references to Islam from the transcript of Mateen’s 911 call.

President Obama dispatched Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Tuesday to insist that there is no possible way to know why Omar Mateen carried out his horrific act, claiming his motivations “may never be known.”

“A motive has yet to be established,” Lynch said. “People often act out of more than one motivation,” and “I can’t say we will be able to narrow it down to one,” she added.

Lynch’s shameless remarks follow the administration’s attempt to redact all references to Islam from the transcript of Mateen’s 911 call.

Mateen was not just a Muslim — he was a self-described Islamic soldier who took a break from his horrific crime to call authorities and pledge allegiance to ISIS. To assert that his motives cannot be known displays either a stunning naivety or an utter contempt for the the intelligence of the American people.

This hesitance to identify motive is in stark contrast to the outrageous behavior of the Obama administration and its liberal allies in the wake of the Charleston shooting.

One photograph of Dylan Roof with a Confederate flag and the left in America was ready to burn every rebel flag and demolish every Confederate monument in the country. Pundits and politicians across the nation pontificated on the dangers of “right-wing extremism.” Yet after a self-proclaimed member of ISIS murders 49 homosexuals in cold blood in the name of Allah, the liberal establishment claims that there’s no possible way to truly discern his motive.

Racism was the clear motive of Dylan Roof no more than jihadism was the clear motive of Mateen. Yet the president was nowhere to be seen in Orlando because the more deadly tragedy there did not fit neatly into the left’s identity politics narrative.

Not only did Lynch ignore the “Allahu Akbar”-yelling elephant in the room — she attempted to frame the Orlando attack as an anti-gay hate crime inspired by domestic rhetoric, further playing down its connections to international Islamic terrorism.

isisus_small Whitewashing the Black Flag

“The message of Orlando that I have seen today — and what the American people have seen in the wake of this horrific assault — is a message of determination to remove hatred and intolerance from our midst,” she said.

“Let me say to our LGBT friends and family, particularly to anyone who might view this tragedy as an indication that their identities — their essential selves — might somehow be better left unexpressed or in the shadows: This Department of Justice — and your country — stands with you in the light,” Lynch continued.

Platitudes about tolerance may do something to sooth the fears of the docile, politically correct masses, but they will do nothing to protect them from the harsh, intolerant reality of the jihadist sword.

Unfortunately, sheep in the media and elsewhere are all too willing to aid the administration in its efforts to deflect any and all attention away from the religion that shall not be named.

While a reasonable person might conclude the Orlando shooting reveals the extent to which militant Islam is an imminent danger, PBS apparently believes it “sheds light on mental health disparities in Florida’s Latino community.” They lamented on Monday that the attack had “disproportionately affected” that community.

Others have not only ignored the root causes of what happened in Orlando, but have also blamed conservatives and Christians directly for the bloodshed. One lawyer from the American Civil Liberties Union claimed conservatives “created this anti-queer climate.”

“How many people have been driven to hate and act violently towards the lgbt community by ‘conservative Christian’ ideology?” Milwaukee Democratic State Rep. Mandela Barnes asked on Twitter.

“The Orlando shooting is not an opportunity to absolve conservatives who have railed against LGBT equality for years,” proclaimed ThinkProgress LGBT Editor Zack Ford. “If they truly care about the fate of LGBT people, they have a responsibility to account for their own contributions to discrimination and stigma.”

“Scapegoating Islam is nothing more than a distraction from having a real conversation about the actual experience of LGBT people when they aren’t being massacred in the sanctuary of a nightclub,” he continued.

The only true distraction, however, is to suggest that the Islamic terror attack in Orlando had anything at all to do with the so-called “anti-gay” rhetoric of American conservatives. It is a distraction from having a “real” conversation about the actual causes of the Orlando attack — and that will lead only to more massacres.