Who Deserves Amnesty More: Illegal or Legal Immigrants?

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 All we’ve heard from the liberal Democrats is they need to grant amnesty and citizenship to 11 million illegal aliens.  They care nothing that these people have broken federal laws, take jobs from Americans and deplete the resources that are supposed to help America’s poor.

But has anyone even considered the 4 million immigrants who are working through the legal process to be allowed to legally enter America?  These people are filling out all of the extensive paperwork, paying their fees, being interviewed and having their backgrounds checked and still waiting 2, 3 sometimes 5 to 7 years before being allowed to come to America.

flag_small3 Who Deserves Amnesty More: Illegal or Legal Immigrants?

What does Congress tell them if they pass the immigration reform bill?  How do you explain to a family that has done everything asked of them that they still have to wait several more years before they are allowed in the country, but the 11 million that came here illegally will be allowed to remain here?

I’ve shared before that I have friends that came to America the legal way.  They were from South Africa where ever since Mandela reversed apartheid, their lives were in constant danger.  Whites were and still are being attacked, beaten, raped and murdered by the nation’s blacks and no one was or is doing anything to stop it.
My friends had two kids, a teenage daughter and son.  For some reason, all but the daughter’s application was approved and she was forced to remain behind and live in with relatives in a very dangerous location in the country.  It took two more years before her application to immigrate to the US was approved and she was finally able to join her family in California.

I asked the father if he was tempted to smuggle his daughter into the US when her application was denied and he said absolutely not.  He said that he respects the law and didn’t want to do anything to violate the law or jeopardize his daughter’s chance of finally joining them.

Since Obama started pushing to give amnesty to the 11 million illegals in the country, I asked my friend what he thought about it.  He said it made him sick and disgusted.  He wanted to know why our government would reward people who broke our laws by coming here illegally.  I told him it was votes and nothing more.  The response from my friend was, well, I won’t repeat it, but let me just say that he has no respect for Obama or any of the others that are in favor of amnesty for illegals when legal immigrants are doing everything the right way, no matter how long it takes or how much it costs.

The next time you hear anyone say that they are for the immigration reform bill and giving amnesty to illegal aliens, ask them to explain it to a legal immigrant and see what happens.

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