Who will be our Next President? They’re Going to Push Hillary Hard

by Mark Schumacher

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ-zP6fzo0HHDmlfi9UkZr5r3A9SpcPIQRleqyWe47R_XdsE30Sig Who will be our Next President? They’re Going to Push Hillary Hard

It’s important to start talking about this now because granted, even though this person will be nothing more than shill for the wealthy few who want nothing more than a worthless traitor to the Bill of Rights, we must not just cave to that. We must start yelling and screaming now, we must make it as hard as possible for Hillary just to walk in and clip the republic for all its worth.

Remember, the Clintons had nothing before their little foray into politics. Now they’re worth hundreds of millions, gathered from under the table BS and mafia style theft that would make some of the most hardened criminals at Rikers Island blush.  

The people are starting to make all kinds of progress, even though slow, at bringing crime families such as the Clintons into the limelight for all to see. The Clintons are only a drop in the bucket; I use them because they are so blatant in their corruption. They have hidden behind their protectors long enough, time to clean house.

Our words are starting to be heard more and more as proven by the clowns over at Fox News starting to use the Constitution and Bill of Rights in their daily monologs, while they pretend to want a free America. Fox News will be salivating all over Hillary soon to try and please their trillionaire masters. They might pretend otherwise, but make no mistake, they are told what to say.

This important matter isn’t going to take a long article to try and convince anybody that what we have waiting in the wings for President is nothing more than mafia mobsters, who could care less about anybody except themselves. It’s important to understand this and get the word out now!