Why Is Main Stream Media So Liberal?

liberal-media-220x120 Why Is Main Stream Media So Liberal?  There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the main stream media is very liberal and thus highly supportive of the liberal Democratic Party. But have you ever wondered why?

If you followed the national conventions of both the Republican and Democratic Parties, it was obviously clear the main stream media reported more favorably for the DNC over the RNC. I noticed that the one major network I watched during the RNC had a reporter there who is so pro-Democrat that it surprised me that she was covering the RNC. But then I found myself asking who among their reporters aren’t pro-Democrat.

You could tell that she struggled to say anything positive about the various speeches given and when it was all done and said her lackluster reporting did little to enhance the Republican platform. During the DNC, this same reporter couldn’t lavish enough praise on the various speakers that took the platform. According to her, they were the greatest speeches she had ever heard and they were sure to win over every voter in the nation.

So have you ever wondered why the main stream media is so supportive of the liberals?

It’s because efforts were made over 100 years ago by the liberal progressives to gain control of media outlets, which at this time was mostly newspapers. Once television became popular and the liberals saw how much the American people could be influenced by it, they began a concerted effort to gain control of the main networks. By controlling them, they could control the news and thus sway a gullible public to hear and see what they wanted them to see.

The conservatives just sat back in their complacency and allowed the liberals to take over the media. The liberals had an agenda and the conservatives had their warm comfy steady as she goes attitude. The conservatives tried their best to report the news accurately, which was often dull and mundane. The liberals concentrated on reporting the sensational and controversial and when they couldn’t find anything like that to report, they took the dull and mundane truth, twisted it around and contorted the truth to make it more appealing. The result was the more people tuned in to the sensational and controversial and tuned out the more conservative and accurate reporting.

The result is a nation full of people that have been completely brainwashed by the liberal media lies that they can no longer discern the truth for themselves. They blindly follow the missives of the media without question and without checking for accuracy and truth. Consequently, when we have a president that has done nothing but ruin the American economy, job market and national security, he still leads in the polls. The American people have been so dumbed and numbed but the liberal media that they just might re-elect the worst president in the history of the United States and believe they are doing the right thing.

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