Why Is the DEA Trying to Cover Up the Agency’s Medical Marijuana Raids?


Reason The Drug Enforcement Administration raided two medical marijuana dispensaries in California [Wednesday]. The agency is now refusing to disclose any details of the raid, according to Redding.com:

Federal drug agents Wednesday raided a pair of medical marijuana collectives in Anderson and Mount Shasta.

DEA agents served federal search warrants at the Green Heart locations in both cities, Special Agent Casey Rettig said.
However, documents relating to the warrants and the warrants themselves are sealed in federal court, Rettig said. She couldn’t provide a court case number.

Owner Gina Munday was notified by her alarm company Wednesday morning, thinking someone had broken in, she said. The DEA officers had kicked in the door, she said.

“They broke all the windows, vandalized the inside of the building and took all of the medicine,