Why Isn’t Black on White Attack a Racial Hate Crime?


Whenever a black person attacks a white person, it’s just normal violence.  Every time a white person attacks a black person, it’s quickly labeled as a racial hate crime.  Black activists like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson flock to the location like flies to a pile of dog poop, screaming racism and hate crime.

georgetrayvon_small Why Isn’t Black on White Attack a Racial Hate Crime?

Case in point is an attack that took place in Mableton, Georgia early last Sunday morning around 1am.  Joshua Heath Chellew, 36, pulled into a gas station to fill up his car.  Four black teenage members of a gang approached Chellew, asked him a question and then starting hitting and kicking him.  The attack drove Chellew towards the busy street when the attackers shoved him into the road and the path of an oncoming car.  The driver of the car was unable to stop in time.  Chellew was struck by the car and killed.

The attack was random and senseless as there is no connection between Chellew and his attackers.  Three of the four black teenagers have been arrested and the fourth one turned himself over to police.  They have been charged with felony murder, aggravated assault and violation of the Georgia Street Gang Act.  The four black teens were identified as Jekari Strozier (19); Antonio Pass (18); Johnathan Anthony (18); and Kemonta Bonds (18), all from Marbleton.


What I want to know is why the four blacks have not been charged with a racial hate crime for attacking and killing a white man?  If roles were reversed and it was four white teens attacking and killing a black man, they would all be facing hate crime charges in addition to the other chargers.  Perhaps it’s time for some white activists to start hollering racism and hate crimes when something like this happens.  They want equality, so why not give it to them!