Wicked Women in Places of Power

Zen Gardner

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good gallery of faces of evil, so let’s feature the freakish women who have been granted huge amounts of power in the corporate-industrial illuminist world. You’ll soon realize why. Just that top picture of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg-Vulture should be enough to close the deal. Search any of her pictures, they’re all just as inhumanly non-empathetic, frightening and chilling.

Thugs come in many forms, including the seemingly feminine.  

ginburgup_small Wicked Women in Places of Power

In this fascist male dominated hierarchy only certain female types are allowed to rise to power. Yes, allowed. It’s all part of the “brotherhood’s” psycho-spiritual warping, domination and social engineering of humanity and its resultant subjugation. We can add the demise of the divine feminine and a society built on love as well. Most react viscerally at the mere sight of these women, and for good reason. They don’t represent or emanate anything but darkness, greed and corruption in every respect, covered by slick words and a complicit media makeover.

And their deeds follow suit.

Let’s take a quick tour – see what you think.

sonia-sotomayor Wicked Women in Places of Power

Sonia Sotomeyor – politically planted US Supreme Court “justice”. Take a guess if she’s owned. Check her associations.

yellen_634x423 Wicked Women in Places of Power

Janet Yellen – newly “appointed” head of the FED. I feel so comforted. Just “happens” to be another Zionist plant. Surprised?

hillary-clinton_0 Wicked Women in Places of Power

Hillary “Rottweiler” Clinton – you won’t meet anything much nastier or power crazed. Disgusting specimen.

madeleine_albright_1 Wicked Women in Places of Power

Wicked to the bone Madeleine Albright – another mean, useful Zioidiot. “The price (of now millions) of dead Iraqi children is worth it.”  Monstrous.

nancy-pelosi-laughing Wicked Women in Places of Power

And then there’s Nancy Pelosi, shrewd power freak amongst power freaks. Described as “mean as a snake” by fellow politicians. Just the tip of her iceberg.

merkel23 Wicked Women in Places of Power

“Angela” Merkel – really? Angel of what? Who is she?

feincrap Wicked Women in Places of Power

Dianne Franken-Feinstein – out to shut our free speech down and much more. Oh, the love and concern she emanates.

queenhatwicked Wicked Women in Places of Power

Ah, Queen Lizzy herself. Lovely lady, and loves to share her wealth around, have you noticed? A ma dark shadow in plain sight.

michelle-obama-mad Wicked Women in Places of Power

He, she, errr…we don’t know, but it’s ugly and pissed. Probably the weirdest couple on earth – and they’re in power. Go figure.

christine-lagarde Wicked Women in Places of Power

Icy IMF chief appointee Christine Legarde telling us what she thinks. Charming.

obama-obamacare-death-panel-kathleen-sebelius Wicked Women in Places of Power

Ah, the mother’s touch. Cold blooded eugenicist Kathleen Sebelius of Health and Human Services endorses selective depopulation. Nice warm face to go with it, no?

julia Wicked Women in Places of Power

Another case in point. Former Australian PM Julian Gillard was calculated and cold as ….. you fill it in. Sordid past and present.

melinda_gates Wicked Women in Places of Power

“Yup, I’m all for it!” Melinda Gates – power behind the throne of the Gates (of Hell Eugenics) Foundation? You might be surprised who’s who. Driven with the agenda.

cristina-fernandez-argentina-thyroid-cancer1 Wicked Women in Places of Power

Cristina Fernandez de Kirshner – toy puppet of she knows not what and current President of Argentina – another genre of budding appointed thugs.

11courtspan-cnd-articleLarge-v2 Wicked Women in Places of Power

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan dutifully joining the boys’ club. Just another stooge, subjugated but feeling empowered. If she conforms.

Kate-Middleton Wicked Women in Places of Power

Kate Middleton. Who is she?  Meet the upcoming class of dark, occult power drunk sycophants. Hollywood’s loaded with flaunting mimics of this force. They’ll pass like a bad wind, but do all the damage they can in the meantime. Just know who they are and and don’t pay them anything, especially your attention – which is your energy.


This is just a quick smattering of these types. We see them all over the news and even in daily life now that the role models are in place and the apparent “permission” has been granted to behave this way. Much like the brutal evolution of war and police powers – once conditioned, the authorities, and public, will not only follow these calculated precedents, but endorse and repeat them.

I just had to take a poke at these morons for hire after seeing some recent news stories. Such insipid specimens of humanity posing as “guardians of our sovereignty” and examples to live up to. What a travesty of justice, righteousness and any sense of care for humanity.

The insidious underlying spiritual aspect is how it subjugates the real feminine; the powerful, nurturing, mothering and caring aspect of the divine feminine. It so brashly yet cleverly subverts it into part of the current power grab and affirmation of the male hierarchical pyramid we’re being oppressed by. Yet another perfect example of social engineering at work, changing the face and rules of conduct for leadership, i.e. rulership, over an unsuspecting humanity.

Laugh at them, we know what we’re up against. Their shallow sorcery is powerful only to the unwary.

Here’s to the true women, mothers and the divine, loving feminine! They will rise to their true place once this hierarchy has crumbled and humanity will one day rejoice accordingly when it again finds balanced, conscious awareness, inward and outward.

Long live love!

Much love,