Wikipedia Commissars Declare People’s Cube Non-Site

Daniel Greenfield,

 The Commissars of the Glorious People Republic of Biased Editing at Wikipedia have declared that the People’s Cube is a non-site and have deleted its page. 

Despite the People’s Cube commitment to sharing progressive ideas to move society forward, it fell afoul of changing revolutionary currents in the vanguard of the dictatorship of the digital proletariat. The People’s Cube is now a non-site. Mention of it on Wikipedia might very well lead to a cyber-gulag. Or at the very least laboring in the salt mines of Sonic the Hedgehog articles which, despite running several million words, are far more notable than the counterrevolutionaries of The People’s Cube.

The official excuse for the deletion was lack of notability. Which is to say that progressives had never heard of it and once they had heard of it, they decided that they didn’t like it and wanted it gone.

peoplescube_small Wikipedia Commissars Declare People's Cube Non-Site Opinion

Here’s a typical exchange

Here’s a link to a conversation between Rush and Oleg: [2]. Here’s Michelle Malkin effusively praising Oleg and his website: [3]. Here’s an interview he did with Rebel media: [4]. And here’s a link to a selection of interviews he’s done over the past 5 years on the Web, satellite and terrestrial radio, and podcasts. [5] Which you might have noticed if you had taken a cursory glance at his website-you know, the one you’re so eager to delete from Wikipedia. Ruthfulbarbarity

‚Äč… Anyone can claim anything they like about themselves – that’s why interviews are generally not accepted… Chrissymad

And so it went.

For those of us in the counter-revolution, the People’s Cube is a fantastic satire run by our very own Oleg Atbashian who put his freedom on the line fighting against the left. And you can read some of his writings at Front Page here.

Meanwhile Wikipedia will remain an invaluable search result for lefties looking to control the first search result on Google and students looking for resources to plagiarize their papers from.