Will Conservatives Allow Akin’s Pride to be America’s Downfall?

Todd Akin needs to go.    white-house-north-2007-dj-220x120 Will Conservatives Allow Akin’s Pride to be America’s Downfall?

I said so yesterday, and I’m repeating it today.

I and people who agree with me have caught a lot of flack from other conservatives for saying it. We’ve been accused of being RINOs, Democratic plants, of lacking courage; we’ve been told we’re throwing a good conservative under the bus; etc., etc.

I’m here to tell you supporters of Akin that you’re wrong. And here’s why.

This is one of those gut check moments in history. The future will hang on what we do here.

What Akin said about rape and pregnancy was stupid. It doesn’t matter if he had a legitimate point and misspoke. It doesn’t matter if you think there are medical facts to back up what he said.

The fact is, he came across to a substantial part of the voting population like he was wearing a tinfoil hat. And like it or not, it effects more than just his local race.

Some people are saying we just should stop talking about Akin and let the whole thing go away. The reality is, it wouldn’t matter if every conservative banned the name Akin from his vocabulary until Election Day. The phrase “legitimate rape