With Ukraine Disintegrating, Kerry Launches Attack On Ally

 Punctuated by the recent unrest of a Russian-occupied Crimean peninsula in the Ukraine, it is obvious that this administration’s foreign policy relies heavily on capitulating to the demands of despotic governments around the world. When it comes to the few friends we have left in the international community, however, the Obama regime is quick to throw them under the bus.

Israel, which has been an invaluable ally in the Middle East, increasingly finds America’s current crop of leaders less than supportive. While our nation has had incentives to support Israel in the past, this administration apparently considers even rhetorical support too difficult to muster.

johnkerry_small With Ukraine Disintegrating, Kerry Launches Attack On Ally

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry seemed to make that point rather clearly in statements Thursday before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

“I think it’s a mistake for some people to be, you know, raising it again and again as the critical decider,” he said, referencing the demand that Palestine recognize Israel as a Jewish state as part of an ever-elusive peace agreement. Of course, Palestinians are notoriously unwilling to comply with any request from their enemies in Israel and, without U.S. support, that trend is likely only to escalate.

Prior to Kerry’s comments, a Palestinian news organization referenced comments by a Department of State source who contended there is no reason for the Arab state to acknowledge Israel’s Jewish heritage.

Just three months ago, however, Kerry seemed to be singing a different tune.

He said the administration has a “deep, deep commitment to the security of Israel and to the need to find a peace that recognizes Israel as a Jewish state, recognizes Israel as a country that can defend itself by itself,” explaining he and Obama were “in agreement” in that regard.

Ironically, British Prime Minister David Cameron put pressure on Palestine to recognize Israel as a Jewish state just one day prior to Kerry’s recent comments. In doing so, he actually used previous comments by the Secretary of State to bolster his argument.

One thing that has become clear during the Obama years, however, is that what an official says today might bear no resemblance to what he says tomorrow.

–B. Christopher Agee