Work crew paints ˜scohol’ zone warning on roadway

DELTONA, Fla. – A Central Florida school failed spelling this week when workers painted fresh “scohol” zone markings on the roadway ahead the new school year.

Kevin O’Korn snapped a picture of the sign on Saturday in Volusia County showing “SCOHOL” stenciled twice across both lanes of Howland Boulevard in front of Pine Ridge High School and posted the image to Facebook.

“In front of Pine Ridge High School in Deltona,” O’Korn wrote in the post to WKMG’s Facebook page. He also included a smiling, crying emoticon.

News site UPI highlighted O’Korn’s post on Monday.

“It was unclear whether the fault for the painting mistake lies with the school district, the country or an independent contractor,” according to the site.

WKMG didn’t bother to find out, but reported that the mistake was fixed by Monday.

“Take notes students, and make sure you practice before your spelling test,” a WKMG anchor quipped.

scohol_small Work crew paints ˜scohol' zone warning on roadway

WKMG’s Facebook link to its news broadcast generated nearly 500 shares and 100 comments in the first 24 hours.

“Someone failed their spelling test!” the post read.

“Well they started spelling school and then got distracted and confused it with alcohol,” Niki Czwornog wrote.

“It’s a daily reminder to stay in school! Sort of a ‘don’t let this happen to you,’” Mandi Sisi added.

“My guess … this person was an elementary school drop out or an illegal with no education!” Wendy Smith posted. “Sad.”

“How long did it take for someone to notice it was misspelled?” Kathy Wedzik questioned.

“Flori-duh strikes again,” Abbe Brown posted.

“They must have graduated from one of our ‘A’ schools!” Arno Worms wrote.