World War III and Other Options


martial-law1 World War III and Other Options  The propaganda coming out of the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Indonesia has taken on a life of its own, here in the good old U S of A. We are in fact seeing a desperate attempt to revive the false left-right paradigm, propaganda versus counter propaganda. From the false right we have the neo-cons saying that these peoples from these other countries hate we Americans and are burning our flag. And then from the false left, we have the counter attack that says the militias are backing down as Libyan citizens protest militant groups.

In the first place these peoples do not hate we Americans. They hate those posing as our government and if there is anybody protesting in favor of the United States in any of these countries I have to believe they are being paid quite handsomely for doing so.
This whole dog and pony show realistically serves but one purpose and that is as a smoke screen as ships, troops and planes are being put in place around the globe in preparation for World War III.

The Israeli Zionists once again have slithered back into the shadows where they are most effective in their dirty deeds.

I have to believe that at this point the Zionists are in fear as their plans for global domination teeter on the edge of collapse. They are moving fast and decisively and all their players are being revealed. Not that the implications haven’t been obvious.

Of course the Zionists’ good friends in Japan will be engaging the Chinese and providing land bases for the so called allied forces in the upcoming war. South Korea will be doing the same in reference to North Korea. Now all those troops being moved to Australia, again no doubt air and naval support troops, make sense.

But what about all the Russian troops being brought into the United States? How does this make sense?

Well like I said earlier, too many Americans have already figured the Zionists out and those who will be conducting this third world war at the top all sit down at the same table. The only thing they see that can foil their plans is a mass uprising in the United States when the first bombs are dropped. And if that uprising should get out of hand, things will magically calm down, at least around the rest of the world, and the emphasis will be shifted to putting down the US uprising in the name of saving the world economy, which will require UN troops to procure our disarmament, for global security of course.

This is not the war they want but they certainly are preparing for it, and we likewise need to be looking at and preparing for every eventuality. Our enemies are evil to a fault. We cannot underestimate them.

God give us foresight that we might persevere.