WW2 Vet Asks Trump and Knight A Question- Answer Brings Down The House

It’s the kind of thing that wouldn’t happen during a Democrat town hall. While it’s possible that a World War Two Veteran might be given the opportunity to ask a question, the spontaneous standing ovation that occurred as he was introduced in recognition of his service to the nation would never happen. The Veteran was introduced by his first name only, Forest.

Forest said, “As an Indiana University graduate and a World War Two Vet, I have a tremendous Amount of respect for “The General,” Bobby Knight.” He asks, “And Mr. Trump, how would you compare your successful career and philosophy with Coach Knight?”

Trump-and-Bobby-Kight_small WW2 Vet Asks Trump and Knight A Question- Answer Brings Down The House

Trump says “It’s actually a great question, I just love his philosophy, I mean, we’re in a different world and he was in the world of sports and nobody did better. And you know one of the great things about Bobby that a lot of people don’t know is he really trained a lot of great coaches, some of the best, like you look at Duke and you look at so many of the different places where they have the great coaches, they were trained and they worked with Bobby.

He adds, “But Bobby was, you know his field, a tremendous leader and what he’s done is phenomenal so I’d like to put myself in a category even close to Bobby as far as that. You talk about the word leadership, that’s leadership. [Pointing to coach Knight]

Coach Knight offers some thoughts of his own, saying to Donald Trump, “That was very nice of you to say that, I appreciate it, but let me say another thing about Mr. Trump, and I think we’re a little bit alike in that regard. If we’re involved in something where we want to win, and particularly something that’s necessary; if there’s something out there where we need to win, we’re going to try and beat your ass every time we can.

That brought another standing ovation from the audience and a quick cut to commercial break from Fox News.