Your Top Conservative Reads of 2013

Readers were really interested in elections this year. Elections for 2014 midterms. Elections for 2016 President.  (Yes, “it’s too early” to talk about 2016, they say!)

What were readers most interested in about conservative politics and issues in 2013? Elections. It was an off-off election year stuck between a Presidential election and a big mid-term cycle in 2014, but electoral politics still topped the interest scale with readers this year. In fact, 2014 and 2016 election stories make up half of this list. So when people say it’s “too early” to talk about 2016, know that they are probably secretly obsessed about it. Here are the top stories you read in 2013.

conservativesa_small Your Top Conservative Reads of 2013

10. Conservatives were always derided as the party bringing up social issues nobody wants to talk about. Yet abortion has been the go-to issue for liberals since the election of President Obama, and they have used the issue to try and force Republican candidates into saying something stupid. (Too often, they obliged.) Instead, we argued that conservatives need to stop side-stepping the issue and tackle it aggressively in a science-based way. Conservatives need to be prepared, and it’s an argument that needs to be fought for those who truly believe abortion takes over a million human lives a year.

9. Marco Rubio led the first 2016 Presidential Power Poll early in the year before ruining it all with an immigration push that had little enforcement and a whole bunch of amnesty. He steadily fell down the list and ended up trailing Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, and Ted Cruz by the end of the year.

8. Perhaps many conservatives were considering a move in 2013. The list of top conservative states offered insight into the least taxed, highest-freedom states in the union. That’s the great thing about federalism. Conservatives can move to states that fit them, and liberals can move to states that they like. Isn’t that quite a bit easier than forcing 50 states with 50 sets of values into accepting one ideology?

7. Conservatives like to be entertained without always being insulted. This list of television shows for conservatives came in handy. One of the shows, Duck Dynasty, probably made plenty of year-end lists for other reasons at the close of 2013 though.

6. The 2014 elections are on the voters’ minds and a rundown of these 14 mostly-safe Republican seats was a top read. Even though this landed in the top 10, readers were much more interested in the incumbents from the other party. A sign of conservative motivation to oust Democrats? We will see.

5. It’s too early to talk about 2016! Yep, that’s why so many people want to talk about it. Let’s be honest, the next presidential campaign has long been underway and these top conservative contenders were on a lot of minds.

4. Gun Control is always a hot issue and statistics are always thrown around by gun-grabbers with little perspective and a lot of propaganda. We offered a conservative perspective on gun statistics to level the playing field and put some reality back into the debate.

3. The new “Part-Time” economy, high gas prices, a growing welfare state (medicaid expansion and skyrocketing disability claims), and rising healthcare costs were all in the list of continuing economic problems to watch in 2013 that saw little improvement by year’s end.

2. The retirement announcement of Democratic Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa caught some by surprise as it opened up yet another seat in a purple state. The GOP might not pick up this seat, but it forced the Democrats to spend a lot more resources they would rather spend elsewhere.

1. Topping the year-end reading charts was our preview of the Democratic seats up for re-election in 2014. On paper, the Democrats are in major trouble. Unfortunately for conservatives, the GOP always manages to completely embarrass themselves in some of the most winnable contests.