Action Plan for President Trump

Action Plan for President Trump

The Heartland Institute released a 34-point action plan for the new administration in November. The entire document can be downloaded in PDF here. Click on the titles below to view each section of the document.

    Energy & Environment
  • Education
  • Budget & Taxes
  • Health Care
  • Constitutional Reform

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Roadmap for the 21st Century

The Roadmap for the 21st Century Project is a collaboration of free-market experts nationwide reflecting their views on the major public policy choices facing the nation, particularly those affecting economic growth and prosperity. Formal co-sponsors of the project are the National Tax Limitation Foundation and The Heartland Institute, with supporting roles played by Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Click here to read the evolving multi-part series that serves as a detailed handbook for the Trump administration’s reform of health care, education, monetary policy, energy, welfare, and more.

Freedom Rising under President Trump

The election of Donald J. Trump as president offers the best opportunity in decades to shrink the size and power of government and increase individual liberty. The Heartland Institute will be tracking and recording the ways in which executive actions by President Trump – and bills he signs from Congress – show that freedom is rising.

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