Christians Cancel Easter Celebrations Over ISIS Fears

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ISIS vowed to eradicate Christianity from Egypt, for example.

Traditional Easter celebrations have been cancelled in Egypt over security fears after ISIS killed over 45 people with suicide bombs in two churches on Palm Sunday.

The attacks came months after ISIS vowed to eradicate Christianity from Egypt, which comprises about 10% of the population.

“Christians in Egypt are concerned about their safety during this holy week. Safety is not guaranteed in spite of all the extra security measurements, people are worried someone could sneak into a church and leave a bomb,” an Egyptian Christian, who wished not to be identified, told Express. “However, I was in Church last night and we had lots of extra security placed there by the security department in our neighborhood.”

“It is too early to tell what the outcome of the state of emergency will be but it will give the government free hand to take extra measures such as instantly capturing of suspects and trying to stop suspects before they commit attacks.”

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“We do have strong concerns especially Saturday evening when the main Easter service starts and ends at midnight. It is one of the most heavily attended services of the year,” he added.

Egyptian president Abdel Fatah el-Sisi declared a three-month state of emergency following the Palm Sunday attacks, deploying the military across the country and restricting freedom of movement in an effort to protect Christians and “vital and important infrastructure,” and halt further ISIS attacks.

“I ask Egyptians to bear the pain,” el-Sisi said, warning that the war against the jihadists would be “long and painful.”

The anonymous Christian pointed out that “much of the population is either illiterate or very poorly educated,” which are ideal conditions for ISIS to recruit new jihadis.

“Christians are considered infidels, following a corrupt faith, reading a corrupt bible,” the Christian said. “They will blindly follow teaching of those who uphold the conception that Christians are infidels.”

Some Christians are set to defy the intimidation and attend more subdued and limited Easter services with armed guards and “without any festive manifestations.”

  • DrArtaud

    As Americans zealously call for more air strikes in Syria, let this heinous incident in Egypt remind you that we have little understanding of life in predominantly muslim countries. In Syria, Assad, a muslim, runs a secular govt, respecting Christians and muslims alike. This makes his govt unusual for that region. American press is saturated with stories of Syrians celebrating the cruise missile strike against the Syrian govt. What American media, and I’m ashamed to say, Conservative media, isn’t telling you is that muslim forces in Syria want the destruction of the Syrian military so they can eradicate the Christians and historical artifacts that lead back to the time Christ was on the earth. Assad may be ruthless, but not indiscriminately, he kills anti-govt forces, protecting Christian and muslim communities alike. I’m sure, as with any military action, collateral deaths occur. Looking at the number of deaths in Syria from their war, predictably the greatest loss is anti-govt forces, then govt forces, not citizens like we’re led to believe.

    Take away from this that muslims are not going to be compatible with western cultures. Despite what they say, they seem to be incapable of criticizing their own, no matter how violent of an act a muslim commits. Muslim Americans are Americans in the fullest sense, as with any group of people, there’s good and bad, but muslim refugees must no longer be accepted, they are insufficiently removed from radicalism to warrant the risk.

    And ask yourself, after 8 years of muslim only refugees being accepted from Syria, why no consideration has been given to Syrian Christian refugees under the Trump administration. I think the answer is self evident. obama didn’t want them because he was muslim, Trump doesn’t want them because they’re likely going to confirm that Assad was not their enemy.

    Sincerely wishing Christians a Happy Easter.