Donny Deutsch Physically Threatens Trump – We Think Little Donnie Needs To Chill

What’s the matter, Donny-boy? Do you need a Snickers?

Donny Douche (or is it Deutsch?) went on the morning shows the day after Mika and Joe got slapped down by Trump on Twitter.

Donny was incensed.

He talked about how Mika takes the high road, and it was totally unfair and uncalled for to call them out, and insult them on Twitter.

donny_small Donny Deutsch Physically Threatens Trump – We Think Little Donnie Needs To Chill Politics

His solution was simple. He said that Joe and Mika would take the high road — because ‘you go low we go high’ — but Donny ‘is from Queens’ and will proudly take the low road.

He wants to meet Trump ‘in the schoolyard’.

It’s easy to make such boasts if you know you’ll never have to roll up those sleeves.

It’s an empty threat. But what about the ‘high road’ they supposedly take?

Just this month, Mika was questioning his sanity AND questioning his sexuality on air.

Really? That’s the ‘high road’?

That, and also the endless slams about him being ‘Putin’s Hostage’ (you mean that ‘nothing burger’ story?), liar, thug, mentally ill… etcetera, etcetera.

News can — and to a degree, MUST — be critical of politicians, but this goes further… this is irrational, seething hate.

Otherwise known to the Left as ‘the high road’.

And Donny Douche couldn’t even stay on that road. He had to go lower, spouting off empty bravado he’ll never be called out as chickens**t for failing to show up to he fight … since he’ll never — EVER — get that close to the President.

After that outburst, he can probably expect a nice long talk with the Secret Service to explain just where his statements are out of line.